[GIVEAWAY] DOTA 2 [Steam] #2

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  1. Congratulations to number 11: TomvanWijnen

    Here is what you need to do:

    Pick a number from below.

    Be sure to check if the number has been choosen before you pick it.
    Only 1number per player.
    Only 1player per number

    I will end this when all 30 numbers has been chosen.
    I will use www.random.org to pick a random number, SO THIS WILL BE LEGIT!
    I will take a ScreenShot of the site, so everybody can see who won.
    In order to claim this you HAVE to give me your email or steamaccount name so I can gift it to you.
    And if you are wondering why I'm giving DOTA 2 out AGAIN here is the reason:
    I already have the game and got gifted 5-6more codes, so I will be giving 1out to a lucky winner
    20. Faithcaster
  2. 7, please.
  3. so i use my 2nd chance for the win: No. 26 please :)
  4. 9 please!
    (for obvious reasons) :p
  5. 4, please.
  6. 78
    EDIT: 27 plox :p
  7. Really?
  8. what? is something wrong?
    EDIT: ohh

  9. First I was reflecting if you were making a joke or reading it wrong :)
  10. nope read it wrong D:
  11. 19 please!
  12. 21 please.
  13. 13 please!
    EDIT: Steam ID: henpenben (duh)