[GIVEAWAY] Diamond Voucher!!!! Friday Oct 9, 9:00 EMC time

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  1. In an feeble attempt to get more followers on twitch.tv i thought HEY! I know, I'll do a Giveaway!

    So thats what I'm doing!. This Friday October the 9th at 9:00 EMC time on my twitch channel I'll be picking a winner who will receive a Free Diamond Voucher.

    The Rules are as follows

    1: must be a follower on my twitch account.
    2:must be online at time of giveaway, stream will start shortly before giveaway.

    That's It!

    I'll be using a random number generator to select the winner. So if you're number 9 in the viewer list and number 9 is selected, you win!

    So thats about it, any questions feel free to ask. my link is below and I'll see you Friday night!

    Happy Mining:)

    Channel Link:
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  2. Sadly, I won't be able to be online at that time. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, though! Good luck, everybody! :D
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  3. Steam will start 1 hour before giveaway!
  4. I look forward to watching if nothing else. I logged onto twitch today 4 minutes after you said you were streaming and it showed you offline :(
  5. hmm thats weird. make sure you were on deadmon5 not deadmon555 thats ones no longer valid
  6. I just followed the links that were in the thread. I will double check next time ^_^
  7. it may take a min to show up after i start it
    so just check every few mins
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  8. Won't be able to make it but it's generous of you!
  9. Woop, followed
  10. Followed... Can't be 100% sure will be on…
  11. I think it should be just followers. Lots of people cant do this due to being online
  12. i'm streaming now for a little bit since i got time to kill
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  13. not a bad idea....I'll think about it
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  14. 9 AM or 9 PM?
  15. I actually joined into your stream while you were in what looked like the flag shop right as you went offline lol
  16. :p followed
  17. pm
  18. doing a little streaming before the big day!
  19. I'll try and make an account to get on with.