[GIVEAWAY] Christmas Giveaway from FDNY21!

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  1. Hello there fellow EMC friends :D

    Today I decided I would be nice and let a couple of prizes go for Christmas!

    All you have to do is reply to this thread, and once I like it, you will be entered into the draw. I will choose two players at random, the grand winner first, and then the runner up. No bias, the winner is chosen purely by luck. I will choose the winners between 10 and 12 Pm GMT (AKA 5-7 Pm EST) and a private conversation will be started with them! YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED AFTER 9:59 Pm GMT (4:59 Pm EST)!!!

    The prizes are as follows:

    -FDNY21 Head
    -FDNY21 Winner Token
    -FDNY21 Special Signed Book
    -Netherhound Egg
    -The Ultimate Horse Starter Set

    -FDNY21 Winner Token
    -The Ultimate Horse Starter Set

    I will announce the winners in another post on this thread :)
    I will also start a Private Conversation with them so they know! The prizes are at 18318 on Smp9 and ACCESS will be granted to those winners in the PM and posted on this thread ;)

    I believe that is all, good day, merry Christmas, and a happy new year from FDNY21 and Marlixias!

    Grand Prize: bitemenow15
    Runner up: ErikRodhi

    Special thanks to random.org :rolleyes:
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  2. yoooooooooooo
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  3. yoyoyo
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  4. Oh lol, I thought the smileyface won it already. But then I saw the 14 minutes ago. I have to say that that war tank frightened me when I was on your residence.
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  5. thanks for doing this! how did u get a nether hound egg?
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  6. Merry Christmas! These giveaways are epic. :)
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  7. Cool
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  8. You are all on the list. :)
    There was a time when you could egg them. Not sure if you still can, but they were a bit buggy :p You too are on the list.
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  9. Hmm, what is this? A giveaway? Im in! :)
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  10. Merry Christmas! :)
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  11. I have as follows:

    If I missed you out please post again :)

    There is about 5 and a half hours to get your name in the draw I believe. Merry Christmas :D
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  12. Nice giveaway FDNY! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)
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  13. Merry Christmas EMC!!!
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  14. merry christmas!
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  15. Added, thanks!
    Added. :)
  16. Murray Christmas
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  17. Cane.
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  18. /r pay FDNY21 20
    Merry Christmas. :)
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  19. Thanks FDNY! And Merry Christmas. :)
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  20. merry christmas :D
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