[Giveaway + Chest Hunt] Dj's Birthday Event

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What is the best time for this event? (PST)

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4:30 PM 14 vote(s) 50.0%
5:00 PM 4 vote(s) 14.3%
6:00 PM 8 vote(s) 28.6%
7:00 PM 8 vote(s) 28.6%
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  1. Chest Hunt:
    After the hut that dropped random assortment of special items, months later, chest started to appear. There are a plenty located around the hut and through out the jungle. These chest could not be opened. They have a set date... March 11...

    Location: /v 3913 , SMP2
    Time: 4;30 PM

    Answer this question without posting a number; Where would you visit to celebrate your birthday?
    ...and no alts

    - 100,000 Rupees : FWRonald
    - DC of Iron Blocks : SteamboatWillie
    - *^Magicka: Horror Props Item Pack (DLC) : Arystina
    - *^Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin (DLC) : Dufne
    - *The Inner World or *Tetrobot and Co. Steam : Pab10S

    *Requires a Steam account ^ Requires the base game Magicka
  2. 1. Rundercaster
    2. poofasaurus
    3. Dufne
    4. fBuilderS
    5. EmoryCrafts
    6. LittleBlueBun
    7. NickkG
    8. Allicanto
    9. Pab10S
    10. PineappleGem
    11. nuclearbobomb
    12. Gage9942
    13. GeneralWillikers
    14. FWRonald
    15. PinkCaker_Senpai
    16. Eviltoade
    17. BenMAR23
    18. Acemox2k
    19. Crazy_TJ
    20. tuqueque
    21. BearJedi
    22. SkeleTin007
    23. JVEnraged
    24. padde73
    25. Arystina
    26. SteamboatWillie
    27. Shnyff
    28. EquableHook
    29. Qkazoochan
    30. Davinchicken
    31. Mman
    32. BLUESKULLS55555
    33. Omegian04
    34. luckycordel
    35. GeistKitsune
    36. tnt_creeper64
    37. LadyJaye
    38. crafter31211
    39. Keliris
    69. ~ Reach here for something special ;)
  3. You stole ma birthday :p
    I would stay in my house to celebrate my birthday :p
  4. I would visit Hawaii to celebrate my birthday! Thank you for a giveaway. :)
  5. I celebrated my last birthday at a small waterfall with some friends. It was pretty fun. :p
  6. I'd love to go to spain for my bday
  7. I would want to go back to Taiwan so I can see my grandparents.
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  8. I would visit japan for my birthday and bring my two best friends, Emma and grace :3
  9. I would celebrate my birthday backpacking for the weekend going anywhere and everywhere!
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  10. i would stay home first
    and later in the day go party with friends :)
  11. I usually don't do anything special for my birthday. This year I hung around outside most of the day then made dinner and a cake to share with my family.
  12. Dream place would be Paris but that's not happening. :D
  13. I would go to Malaysia to visit my grandparents.
  14. I would celebrate my birthday at a Roller coaster Park.
  15. I would would go up in the mountains.
  16. I would love to visit New Zealand and Australia for my birthday and while there get in some backpacking to see the scenery. :)
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  17. Celebrating my birthday = Total Sugar rush. I always save up and instead of buying the typical teenage party item (alcohol) I buy a massive basket of candy :3 You don't want to be my enemy when I'm hyped on the sugar! Other than that, I have a sleepover with my friends. Then annoy people and prank! All of this goes down at a friend's house.
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  18. I would go into space. ;)
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  19. I would go to Best Buy and buy anything I wanted. :p
  20. I would like to go back to Maui and do a dawn patrol surfing pavilions at ho'okipa and then head up the Hana Hwy to twin falls (the left one cuz I like the pool for swimming better). If I have any motivation left, drive up to the top of Haleakala and watch the sun set. That is what I used to live, now I can just wish it for my birthday.