[GIVEAWAY] Back to Business - Everyone Wins

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  1. I'm back.
    So why not do what I do best and give out free stuff?

    Everyone Wins

    A Diamond
    -To win a free diamond with a custom message do the following:
    • Reply to the thread with "Welcome back Ncc!"
    500 Rupees
    -To win 500 rupees do the following:

    • Reply with a memory you have of us talking or hanging out
    The Big One
    10,000 Rupees
    -To enter the giveaway for the 10,000 rupees do the following:

    • Comment a number between 1-20 and the message "10K"
    25,000 Rupees
    -To enter the giveaway for the 25,000 rupees do the following:

    • Comment a number between 1-50 and the message "25K"
    50,000 Rupees
    -To enter the giveaway for the 50,000 rupees do the following:

    • Comment a number between 1-50 and the message "50K"
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  2. Welcome back Ncc!
  3. Are we allowed to enter more than one giveaway?

    Edit: Welcome back, Ncc! :)

    10k- 8

    25k- 37

    50k- 42

    500r- I haven't spoken to you too much, so count me out for this one
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  4. All of them.
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  5. Welcome Back Ncc! 27 50K and 48 25K and 13 10K and I remember talking to you about pricing, nexus, and something else miscellaneous!
  6. Welcome back Ncc! :D

    11, 10K

    38, 25K

    38, 50K

    I sadly haven't met you ingame yet, so no memory of me hanging out with you :( This will hopefully happen in the future though :D
  7. You can find the mystic Ncc in his natural habitats (SMP3 and SMP8)
  8. Ah okay, well I'm usually on SMP1, sometimes utopia, and sometimes in the wild on SMP2. When I need to pickup something (or for pvp) is basically the only time I switch servers :p
  9. Welcome back Ncc!

    18 10k
    36 25k
    36 50k
  10. Welcome Back
    12- 10k
    27- 25k
  11. Welcome back Ncc! Though I don't remember any memories with you, I have seen you on the forums quite a lot!

    4 - 10k
    2 - 25k
    1 - 50k
  12. Welcome Back Ncc to EMC! Nice to have ya Back

    5 10k
    42 25k
    34 50k
  13. Welcome back Ncc!

    19 10k
    8 25k
    33 50k
  14. Diamonds will be sent out tomorrow.
  15. Welcome back ncc!

    10k- 12
    25k- 12
    50k- 12

    If you can see 12 is my favorite number :p
  16. 10k 7
    25k 7
    50k 7
  17. Welcome back to EMC 1 "50k"
  18. Welcome back Ncc. I remember buying your Ore Buster - I suppose that's a memory, seeing as how I remember it, which is pretty special because I don't remember anything. Ever.

    10k 21
    25k 21
    50k 21
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  19. Welcome back, Ncc! I remember you never reviewing my shop. <.<

    10k 14
    20k 14
    50k 14
  20. I'll eventually get to it <.<