[Giveaway/AMA] Celebrating 15 Years Of Wonderful Life :D

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by BenMA, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. That's right! Its Giveaway Time! My birthday is actually September 4th, but I wanted to start this a little early, to give people time to enter.

    AMA: You may ask anything, but somethings I may not answer, unless it is through PM. I do not mind personal questions, just keep it real. ;) In order to be entered into the giveaway, you must ask a question. :p

    Giveaway, your post number is your number for the giveaway, there is no picking a number. For the prizes:
    1st will get An Elytra.
    Winner: AnimalGirl120
    2nd will get a Liberty Sword.
    Winner: HawkIsABulge
    3rd will get a 2016 EMC Birthday Cake.
    Winner: SkeleTin007

    The giveaway will end September 4th at 12 PM EMC Time. (That is noon ;)).

    I will be using random.org to pick the 3 winners, you can only win once, so, goodluck! :)

    YOU MAY NOT USE ALTS IN THE GIVEAWAY. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT, You will NOT be entered into the giveaway, thanks! :)

    I will reply once I have a few questions to respond to.


    Please no double posting. :)
  2. how does one enter? XD
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  3. By asking me questions? ;)
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  4. nvm I know! my question is: if you could be any age forever, what age would it be?
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  5. Well congrats ahead of time.... You have a pizza, 3 klondike bars, 15 fried chicken legs, or a deep fried cat, which one do you eat
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  6. Thoughts on jellyfish?
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  7. Happy (Early) Birthday! What came first, The chicken or the egg?
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  8. Grats on 15 Years!

    Do you PvP?
    Do you Like to PvP?
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  9. Congrats on 15 years!

    What is your favorite thing about EMC?
    What is your favorite event on EMC?
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  10. Hmm, 21 seems like a good fit! :p

    The deep fried cat doesn't sound too bad, although, the pizza sounds like the best! :)

    I like Jam better. :p

    Sach, of course! Who else would it be? :p

    I am more of a PvE person. I PVP, but not too often with 1.9. I like the survival aspect of the game more. ;)

    The Community of course! My favorite event would have to be.. Staff vs. The World! We only do it so often but when we do, it sure it a lot of fun!
  11. Just gonna throw a small bump in here. ;)
  12. Happy early birthday!!

    Favorite sport?
    Favorite sports team?
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  13. How many bears would bear grylls grill if bear grylls could grill bears? :p Happy birthday Ben! :)
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  14. Happy happy birthday!

    Question: If you could do anything, what would you do? Think OUTSIDE the box.
    Question 2: Could I please have a spot in this giveaway? Thanks!
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  15. Happy birthday :)
    (if you like redstone) what is your favourite kind of redstone creations (computers, doors, usefull things)
    and, my standaard question: How many cookies are you able to eat when you'ave got three trees in your hair?
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  16. Throwing in another slight bump, I will answer all questions asked once I get back home and get on my PC. Thanks! :)
  17. Happy Birthday!
    What is your favorite thing to do on EMC and Minecraft?
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  18. Happy birthday Ponyboy <3

    What's the noobiest thing you've ever done in MC?
    Noob moment to counteract any embarrassment:
    When I was new I poured a bucket of water on crops thinking that was how you had to water them
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  19. With another ama? There's too many right now. :p Thanks for the giveaway!!
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  20. Happy early birthday BenMA and my question is out of both Marlix and Momentus in EMC, which do you like to fight better?