[Giveaway] 7 Avalaunchers

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Did you enjoy your Christmas?

Poll closed Jan 1, 2016.
Yes 28 vote(s) 71.8%
No 2 vote(s) 5.1%
Still celebrating it... 6 vote(s) 15.4%
I don't celebrate it... 3 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. I have too many of them and since it's Christmas, here are seven to give away... Post what you have received this Christmas...
    Having a number with your post will make your entry invalid

    Winners will be chosen on the first day on the New Year!

    Countdown to Giveaway!

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    1. Sweaterz
    2. Mob_Meal
    3. pade73
    4. Dufne
    5. JVEnraged
    6. poofasaurs
    7. FWRondald

    2. ILTG
    3. DatFoxMan
    4. DeathTomb8953
    5. jewel_king
    6. JPGamerZ
    7. xHaro_Der
    8. Agent_Notch
    9. JVEnraged
    10. WitherDoggie
    11. Keliris
    12. MVPdrose
    13. Jadziaa
    14. Prommo_Mall
    15. Rhythmicaly
    16. haastret
    17. nltimv
    18. Tahitan
    19. WolfInAction
    20. Steaming Fire
    21. fBuilderS
    22. Mob_Meal
    23. Seanawesome14
    24. MelloTheHundered
    25. Abele
    26. Syrio_Forel
    27. FWRondald
    28. Allicanto
    29 Dektirok
    30. Dufne
    31. iamfuturetrunks
    32. Qkazoochan
    33. sam3984
    34. PinkCaker_Senpai
    36. _Ulti
    37. Sweaterz
    38. pade73
    39. tuqueque
    41. poofasaurs
    42. Dramanya
  2. I got a $50 GameStop gift card and the Pebble Time Steel.
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  3. I got a mini-drone! and a few other small bits :p
    How was your Christmas?

    You edited your post so I did too.. ;)
    Plus, it should be stated in the rules, should it not?
  4. I got a new pair of headphones and a new speaker
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  5. I got an Xbox 1 with 5 games! Could I reserve spot number 10?
  6. I got a BB gun, a Weezer CD, a new pair of headphones, and a Koosh Ball.
  7. No
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  8. A camera, So that I may continue with my taking of pictures and a new Video card so that I may play video game that once before I could not.
  9. I got some books some candy :D
  10. I got books, board games, and much more games :D
  11. K I removed the number from the post, I'm terribly sorry.
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  12. I got money, I had it yesterday but I don't today. thanks for that steam
  13. I got a new keyboard, mouse, and steam gift cards.
  14. I got some books and a steam controller.
  15. £550 and Sweets :p 13 please. Merry Christmas!
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  16. I got a Nike Sweatshirt. Merry Christmas!
  17. I got a speaker, a headset and a few other things

    Thanks for the giveaway :p
  18. Heh I still got number 7. Chuckle.
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  19. I got a new keyboard, steam cards, iTunes cards, movies, and a Visa Gift Card.
  20. New PC. 12 Please. :)
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