[Giveaway] 6,000 Forum Posts!

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  1. Lately, I've been slightly obsessing over my posting and likes I'm receiving: mulling over trophy points, dwelling the highest posting members page, memorizing forum ranks, etc. Therefore, it should be no surprise that I've planned something for this thread: my 6,000th post.

    The giveaway

    Some of you (probably not, I'm lonely ;-; ) may have seen a few of my paper art threads, but if not, you all get to see what I've made! :D
    This is a picture of my dresser, with all the paper art I've made on it. (Ignore the plant, broken clock, and trash can full of empty pretzel bags) Your job, for this giveaway, is to guess the number of these:
    (Not to scale. Duh.) Just reply to this thread with your guess for the number of pieces on my dresser, and whoever is closest by, say, November 11th at 8:59 pm , wins a beacon and my head. ("Any number please" or "Whatever's open" posts will not be included.) You also may not choose any numbers that are taken, due to sheer complication. You people are all way over-guessing >_>
    Best of luck to all! :)

  2. Chosen numbers:

    Nuclearbobomb: 150
    Whatkom: 2,300
    tuqueque: 3,649
    BCR: 4,000
    Nltimv: 4,100
    Luckycordel: 4,300
    Keliris: 5,000
    Batroach: 6,000
    Deadmaster98: 7,500
    Mman: 7,767
    xHaro_Der: 8,000
    Qkazoochan: 9,000
    Fishcat: 10,000
    FWRonald: 12,500
    KJCHAV: 17,429
    Endermagic1: 30,000
    ThaKloned: 36,587
    ObscureGolem: 60,000
    Kold_Ice: 66,666
    JadziaForever: 76,458
    fBuilderS: 83,456
    Doofni: 130,346
    Jelle68: 147,489
    Allicanto: 150,000
    FluffeMarshmallo: 250,000
    ShyguytheGamer1: 500,000
    Finalysm: 555,670
    Poofasaurus: 980,000
    Maze171: 100,000,000,000,000
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  3. 51, I'll take number 12
  4. 51 pieces, or 12 pieces?
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  5. 51 pieces. I thought opf planet 51, so I choose 51 :p
  6. I never saw the thread for your paper art, so can I just say, "Wow. That is amazing. How long did that take you?"

    And I'm just going to take a rough guess and say 250,000 paper thing-a-ma-bobs. And also, you counted how many there were?! Phew. That must have taken a while...

  7. I'll give a wild guess of 12,500 pieces and they are awesome looking works of art. :)
  8. I'm sure qwerty wants you to guess THIS picture and not the one on the top.
  9. 7500 is my guess, but wow those are so artsy and cool. The most I can do is make the ninja stars to throw at people (being bored at school with an abundance of paper is entertaining).
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  10. I thought it was the one on top :confused:
  11. *starts counting*
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  12. There is no 'w' in my name. :p FluffyMarshmallow was taken lol
  13. I'm almost sure he is trying to make people guess incorrectly
    Sorry for double post >.>
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  14. Are you sure? The wording of the OP makes it significant that it is referring to the above picture, the second is just for reference I believe.
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  15. You counted the ones in the bottom picture... :p I just counted them... And anyway, there is WAY more than 51 in the top picture.
  16. lol
  17. Those look really sweet.

    My guess is 8,000.
  18. Paper-thingies: 30,000
    Your art is amazing! And thanks for the giveaway!
  19. My guess would be 150.