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  1. In celebration of our new company, the Empire Brothers will be giving away 500,000 rupees to the people who decide to support us, check out the details below.

    Company Information

    Empire Brothers is a company completely aimed towards improving the community, and all services we offer are non-profit and benefit all members of the community. So far we have given away nearly 200,000 rupees on "Cory's Rupee Central" since last Friday, as well as released some interesting limited edition Halloween Items for the community to enjoy.

    The company will be catapulting the the front of all things giveaways and events in the next few months, as we plan to give away over 5,000,000 rupees in items and rupees. But even though we are a non-profit, community benefit company we are also an advertising agency, as we show very well with our threads "Empire Prices", "Cory's Rupee Central", "Empire Economy", "Shop Listing", and "Erektus GFX" as well as all the referral contest we win. If you need advertising done on your business, service, sale, or residence there is no other place to go than Empire Brothers.

    Giveaway Details

    There will be a total of 20 winners, winning 25,000 rupees each. If you wish to enter this giveaway you can do the following:

    Replace your forums avatar with the following image

    Once you have this avatar, reply to the thread saying so and you will be added to the watch list.

    1. No alternate accounts
    2. You must keep the avatar until next Friday (10/16/2015)
    3. You are allowed to adjust the image as you wish, or request Erektus make changes you want, but the Empire Brothers should still be visible.
  2. Furst

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  3. I'll see if I can put Goatuin on the logo :D
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  4. I support Empire Brothers!
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  5. For sure i'll do this.
    [Edit] Done! Good luck all!
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  6. I support Empire brothers!
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  7. done
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  8. Done.
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  9. I support this. :D
    Done. :)
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  10. Showing my support!
  11. Showing my support in a kitty kind of way :3
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  12. Aaah, so that's why I suddenly saw so many people using the same avatar.
  13. Thanks to this madness, it is next to impossible to tell who wrote a specific post by forum avatar anymore.
    P.S. Done :D
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  14. Right? That's why I had to tweak it slightly before making it mine :p
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