(Giveaway) 4/2 year (Giveaway)

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  1. Hello, I'm AncientTower and some of you know me and the rest must live in caves or joined the Empire this summer while I was on hiatus...

    This is a robbery hands in the air.
    You're about to take my stuff..

    Player Years 2015-2019 (4years)
    Staff Years 2017-2019 (2years)
    I started the server in October and became a member of staff in October.


    Headless Horseman Mask(2015)
    Haunted Head(2016)
    Headless Horseman Axe
    Spooky Egg
    ancienthalloween head X5
    non capitalized because of head bug drop bug thingy...
    10 Prizes = 10 winners

    How to enter this give a way a thon...

    To gain entry into this give a way a thon you must create pixel art of a Jack O'Lantern.
    Rules: Create the pixel art, screenshot it and post it on this thread. Can be created on this server, single world, survival or creative.

    Giveaway Ends the 31st so you've got until the 30th of October to enter your pixel art.
  2. Congrats to all Winners.. I assigned each prize a number 1-10 and used random.org to see what each entrant won. I started with entrant 1 and went to the last entrant. I'll mail out prizes later today, thank you to all that entered.


    Jay2a: ancienthalloween head

    belac555: Haunted Head(2016)

    Stnywitness: ancienthalloween head

    xGGirlx: ancienthalloween head

    Raaynn: Headless Horseman mask (2015)

    SkeleTin007: Omneoss

    KatydidBuild: ancienthalloween head

    Zbid: ancienthalloween head
  3. Something to get this started.. slapped this together in a couple minutes.. Show me yours now....

    Then I spent a little more time playing with blocks..

    I could've shaved the sides down a bit and maybe i'll do that for next time...

    Here is a shot of it in the distance which i think makes it look more realistic than up close..

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  4. Can this pixel art be created on graph paper, or strictly minecraft? :D Also, thanks for this giveaway! :D
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  5. So is it based on your favorites or random?
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  6. So spooky
  7. Graph paper is fine too as long as it's pixel art.

    Not based on favorites.. I'll assign a number to each and random.org the number and that's how we'll get the 10 winners.. I would however like people to make something nice and not just slap it together to get it over with.
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  8. Thanks for your entry, looks nice.. Was it all made out of clay blocks? I guess I see some orange concrete powder.. Is this concrete too?
  9. Mine was made on a graph drawing app can I enter it?
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  10. Yep, any Jack O' Lantern art can be entered as long as it's pixel. I don't mind whether it's from mincraft or not, as long as it's pixel art.

  11. Here is mine
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  12. Yeah it's mostly clay with that little bit of concrete powder
    Oof I thought it had to just be Minecraft :p
    I'm a much better spriter if I can do it digitally
    Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Made out of wool, concrete powder, and concrete.

  14. You can always show off more than one pixel Jack O' Lantern art but only only the first entry counts as I'm assigning numbers to them as people enter.
  15. Thanks for entering..
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  16. ancienthalloween after a long weekend...

    and I know you though i live in a cave.

    ... in fact thought that was WHY I knew you...
  17. Here is my attempt at this...

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  18. Just a couple more days to enter

  19. My preference is the first jack-o-lantern. Made entirely of plants!
    However, when others viewed my work .... I was told that the eyes needed something.
    Utopia never gets dark. So, couldn't do that thing with the glowy eyes.

    and FYI - pumpkins must be stacked on another block in order to be placed. Which makes it more difficult to get 'rounded' sides. That was fun!

    Still viewable on my Utopia res ;)
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