(Giveaway) 4/2 year (Giveaway)

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  1. was stuck in the end without wool, so I did it digitally...
  2. 6 Days left to Enter
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  3. can I bump?
  4. You did bump it but I was gonna bump it with your post anyways.

    5 Days Left to enter....
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  5. So far, 8 entries and 10 prizes... 4 days left to enter.
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  8. People, you have just one more day to enter.. At some point tomorrow I shall close this and do the drawings. So I may reveal on Halloween who gets what prize because at least at this point entries have not yet outnumbered prizes..
  9. Last Day to get your pixel art in.......
  10. Entry time is now closed... Thank you to all who entered. I'll draw the prizes tomorrow. Seeing that prizes outnumber the entries each entrant will be walking away with a prize. Prizes listed in OP.
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  11. Now you can give yourself a prize for your entry too ! :p
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  12. Congrats to all Winners.. I assigned each prize a number 1-10 and used random.org to see what each entrant won. I started with entrant 1 and went to the last entrant. I'll mail out prizes later today, thank you to all that entered.


    Jay2a: ancienthalloween head

    belac555: Haunted Head(2016)

    Stnywitness: ancienthalloween head

    xGGirlx: ancienthalloween head

    Raaynn: Headless Horseman mask (2015)

    SkeleTin007: Omneoss

    KatydidBuild: ancienthalloween head

    Zbid: ancienthalloween head
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  13. So nice! Thanks for this giveaway Tower.

    ps. Anyone willing to trade/sell their ancienthalloween head send me a pm :) Can even trade previous head for one if interested.
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  14. thank you veeery much! That was very generous of you, for such a puny drawing!
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  15. Thank you for the giveaway! Congrats to the other winners as well!
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  16. Sorry to all the winners, that I'm late getting to this but I just mailed out the prizes. Thanks again to everyone that entered
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  17. I actually enjoyed making it.
    Bit of a thing figuring out my theme... but then I just went with what was me :D

    I am sorry that you didn't get tons more entries.
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  18. Yay! Thanks Ancient!
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