[GIVEAWAY] 20k to celebrate 16500 Opening

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Hashhog, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. 16500 Grand Opening Giveaway*
    *Note that actual opening was over three months ago... don't judge me, EMC

    I recently had a small party with prizes and fun, and though it's over, there's still a giveaway to be enjoyed! :) Please enter it!

    Post your favorite EMC item on this thread for a chance to win 20,000r (grand prize) or a Dragon Stone Fragment (five runners-up)! Giveaway ends on June 29th!
  2. Sounds fun! I'll be there. :D Favorite EMC Item... The Labor Bench. Makes building so much easier.
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  3. Favourite EMC item is: voter's block!
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  4. I will be there
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  5. Pi pie

    'Cause it's a pie.
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  6. Woo, re-opening aye! :D My favourite item(s) are the Community Defender and the Maxarian Shoes
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  7. Arena blade
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  8. Bump. :) Do people not want 20,000r? :p Let's get some more posts!
  9. Bump. This is today!
  10. Of course, trust hashy to come up with something amazing while I'm on vacation :S
    Sounds like fun, but because of vacation I wont be able to attend. Best of luck to everyone there! :D

    Favorite item? I think it's the Rose Bouquet; The quest to fill empty space of my lost Rose Bouquet on my promo wall still continues. :c

    **Typed on mobile, don't mind grammatical and/or spelling errors
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  11. Bump. :) Just a few hours left! The giveaway will run until 9:00 AM EMC Time tomorrow, and the party will last until all items have been found. :)
  12. Bump. An hour and a half left until the res is opened up for searching! :)
  13. i really really love my 80k chestplate :p
  14. Labour Bench
  15. Although I haven't used it once I love my ESCD because as it says No manual labor included! :D
  16. Voter's Shovel (Clearing out residences)
  17. Thank for hosting all this! My favorite item would have to be 3.14159265358979! Because who doesn't love pi/pie? [Edit] Aghh! Smp8! I'm far out in the wild there! I hope everyone else has a good time, though. 2015-02-11_10.29.58.png
  18. Five minutes left. Go to /v 16594 to get ready! :D
  19. Freedom blade. First promo I ever got.