[Giveaway!] 2 Year AMA

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  1. I'll take 69 just to populate it l0l
    Do you dab?
    My favorite EMC Memory is...me getting banned. Looking back at it now makes me laugh...
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  2. 22 :] happy upcoming anniversary
  3. my favorite emc memory happened rather recently i got moemaczap to say he was married to a fish <3
  4. Funny you should ask that question, I do not in fact dab but a rare occasion happened in English class towards the end of the year, where some boys were telling our teacher to do that dab it went sorta like this :
    "Mrs.Cutshall do the dab"
    "The Dab?"
    It was hilarious
  5. My question for you iss..
    What do you like the most on EMC?

    My best memory..
    Meeting some greet people, like D & Melon :)

    I choose number 9!
    Happy anniversary! :D
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  6. What I like most about emc is the community, it's full of amazing kind caring and helpful people :D
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  7. Bump got plenty of slots still open
  8. Welcome to the club :p
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  9. 97 please
    MY Favorite memory is Clash Of Clans ;)
    I question Have you ever been to New Zealand?

    And also have a good day:)
  10. I would like #16!
    My question for you is... What is your favorite pie flavor? :D

    And my favorite memory would probably be winning Firefloor and everyone was rooting me on to get the last block. I didn't get the last block, but I was really close.
    I have so many other memories, too, like some awesome drop parties, getting promos, and even winning Mob Arena. I love EMC!
  11. Thanks for the memory but can you pick one of emc? Also I haven't been to Zealand but hope to visit one day :)
    I don't actually like pie..... but I used to eat pumpkin pie all the time :)
  12. I'll take 67 please:D
    Do you redstone?:D
    Events & the people are my favorite:D
  13. I do some redstone only if I find easy tutorials on what I'm doing tho lol
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  14. 68 please ;) I hope everyone was kind enough to let it open for me :)
    How much cookies are you able to eat when you'ave got tree threes in your hair? (sirious question, Don't think I'm joking)
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  15. 21 please.

    Do you feel normal today? :rolleyes:
  16. I don't understand your question.... :p
    I don't eat cookies often as I dont like them :3

    I don't.... after being off emc for pretty much the whole week I am dying to get back on lol
  17. I'll be #5.
    What is your favorite promo?
    My favorite memory of EMC was the first time I killed Momentus and Marlix for the first time.
  18. Love potion #9 FTW :p