[Giveaway!] 2 Year AMA

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  2. 22 please (ᵔᴥᵔ) favorite emc memory would be this:

    Edit: just realized you said a question AND your favorite memory :oops: question: do you
  3. 58
    What do you want mojang to add?
    my favorite memory of emc is when me, jesuspower2, and robobozo were out at our outpost jumping from y 256 and trying to land on one slime block and the slime block was inside a mountain i made:p That was a super fun day!
    Also congrats on 2 years!
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  4. Hm the prank Mojang pulled for April fools this year actually looked pretty cool, I'd love to see them add that :)
  5. Lucky Number 20, if you could be a horse, what kind of horse would it be?
    and my favorite memory? easy, my entire time on emc minus some drama ;D
  6. #3 Please :D
    What has kept you on EMC for these 2 years?

    My favourite EMC memory is... Well there is so many to choose!
    Welp, Cant choose. Top 5 :p
    1. Getting thatsillyjohnkid a dragon head for is birthday
    2. Geting a Cami head!
    3. Almost winning firefloor
    4. Getting an outpost! (Then forgetting where it is! :p)
    5. Planning my 1 year! (Its soon!)
  7. Hmmmmmm..... if we're talking Minecraft horses then, probably a 130 speed with 90+ jump.... If you meant real horses then idk the breeds XD
    Well many things auctually.
    The community, the events, the staff <3, and more stuff like that C:
    This server is truly one of a kind, and you wont find anything like it :D
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  8. dont forget color scheme ;D (i was talking bout MineCraft lol)
  9. Number 8 please :)
    Have you ever had ramune, if you have do you like it?
    My favorite memory is when cami and seffy married me at the same time XD <3
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  10. I can't I have had ramune :(
  11. What # you would like 75
    Any question you have for me: Do you go to the waste with your voters gear or gear made by you?
    What is your favorite memory of emc: It was when I used the first Supporter Voucher and it was iron :D
  12. My gear XD Only have voter boots
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  13. What # you would like
    Any question you have for me
    What's it feel like knowing you used two years of your life on EMC?
    What is your favorite memory of emc
    When I got diamond Supporter for my first time
  14. 27
    What is you favorite type of food?
    My fav memory was probably meeting you. ;):p
  15. Feels GR8! :p
    Pizza or Spaghetti I can't decide XD.... Wait no.... Chinese food FTW
  16. #32 Please :D
    What is your favorite color?
    My Favorite moment on EMC is when I became a leader of a wonderful Outpost.
  17. 33 please? :)
    Question: Did you actually choose Chespin as your Kalos starter, or are you just trying to cover up the fact that Fennekin is better? :eek:
    Favourite EMC Memory: When I fought my 1st Momentus and it glitched out like crazy (My profile pic :p)