[GIVEAWAY] 100th Post

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  1. 1st: 607
    2nd: rock00888

    Hello everyone. This is my 100th post and My 1400th place in Life TEXP!
    11:39 AM:

    10:45 PM

    10:24 the next day

    That is fast... Anyways I will be doing a rupee/supporter giveaway. To enter just tell me what block you like and why you like it and your number in the comments. Numbers are limited to 1-100.

    Numbers picked with random.org
    1st place: 5k rupees
    2nd place: 2.5k rupees
    3rd place: 1k rupees
    Prizes will change as donators donate to me

    This contest will end on the 25th of December
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  2. My favorite block is the voter's block, cause I, together with Nick, was the first to get one and managed to lose it within a month. I do also really like dirt, cause it's so simple and natural. Oh, and number 14 please;)
  3. I like stone blocks. They look cool.
    Congratulations! Keep on posting! 3 please!:)
  4. Number 38 please, I like the block Birch wood planks, because it looks good (IMO), and it isn't really drawing attention.
  5. Number 34 please. My favorite block is TNT, and I think we all probably know why it's my favorite. :p
  6. I like Beacons. Beacons are awesome blocks thats why. Also number 32
  7. 69. Snowblocks, i think my name explains it...
  8. My favorite Block is a Beacon Cuz its awesome
    My second favorite Block is a Redstone Block cuz i love my redstone
    My favorite Wood is Spruce for log and Dark oak for plank
    My favorite Hardened Clay is probably Red
    77 :D
  9. 66 pls
    I like dirt because its what I made my first minecraft house out of when I started playing.
  10. I like white stained clay because it looks nice. I'll take 33!
  11. I'll take 22. My favorite block is the command block because I can make awesome stuff!
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  12. 89 please, my fav block is the beacon because it's so shiny :'D
  13. 65 plz, my favorite block is stone bricks :D.
  14. I like the iron block because it makes iron golems for me :)
    10 please.
  15. 4 Plox, my favorite block is hardened clay, because it has so much potential.
  16. Bump! and prizes are
    1st place: 5k rupees
    2nd place: 2.5k rupees
    3rd place: 1k rupees
    People who enter will get 100 rupees each
  17. 9 please! I love beacons because they look nice and are great to show of because not many people are able to kill withers.
  18. Mob spawner block: I can make a mob farm out of it. 37 please
  19. There's a big chance it will be a pig one though
  20. 26 please! My favourite would be, coloured clay/hardened clay. It is an amazing building material for building and I love it.