[GIVEAWAY] 100k - 10 people will win 10k

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  1. Would like to thank cadgamer101 for this template and his inspiration to do these. (I talked to him about it :p).

    This time, 10 players will win 10,000 rupees (chosen by random.org).

    Here are the rules....

    One post per person (no alts).
    This is open to all players, which includes moderators.
    Please do not post with banned accounts, because I will not be giving rupees to banned accounts.
    You have 3 days from this post to sign up by posting, once, below.
    I will giveaway a total of 100 k in rupees (10,000 r to 10 players) chosen by random.org.
    So, all you have to do to enter is reply once to this thread.

    Thanks, and enjoy.
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  2. Good luck everyone! :D
  3. *entering with a reply (fingers crossed)
    and thank you for a giveaway :)
  4. hey hey hey
  5. Lorem Ipsum
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  6. Thanks, man!
  7. Hmm why not. I will throw my hat into the ring. :p
  8. Either using Satan's Luck or my Luck to win this...
  9. Wow, thanks! :D
  10. Wow, thanks for doing this for everyone! Kudos to you.
  11. A chance to win money! Thx sam!;)
  12. Thanks for the chance of winning money
  13. Thank you for doing this :)