Give Shiny Flesh a Reason?

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  1. So, we all should know about Shiny Flesh, a common drop from enraged zombies. Well, as of now, it has no purpose. Unlike the Shiny arrows, which can be used for the Marlixes Bow. So, why not give it a purpose? Like maybe you could make a chest shop at the ./shop and maybe trade in 9 stacks for 1 diamond or something? I just think Shiny flesh needs a reason. Maybe it should give you other special effects when eaten? This was just a small brain storm, please add on, or give me your ideas. :)
  2. make it so that if people give it to a human/pig that in return the human/pig poops out shiny bacon???
  3. +1

    Maybe if shiny flesh were to be sold to a chestshop at ./shop you could get like a bonus or something, I don't really have any ideas as of now, be creative you guys. :p
  4. Trade in 9 shiny flesh at spawn and get a mystery prize for each 9 you put in.

    Prizes could be:
    Common - Zombie Virus
    Uncommon - Zombie Head
    Rare - Diamond
    Ultra Rare - Diamond Block

    Something like that would be fun :D
  5. It gives you regen 4 when you eat it. So it's pretty good
  6. Shiny flesh does that?
  7. Ooh, I like that. Or possibly 1 stack of zombie flesh for the following prizes:
    Common - 5 Gold ingots, 5 Emeralds, 5 Iron ingots
    Uncommon - Zombie Head, Skeleton Head, 1 Diamond
    Rare - 5 diamonds, wither skeleton head
    Ultra Rare - Diamond block, Protection III book, Looting III book, Efficiency IV book :)
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  8. It does.
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  9. Yeah lol, did you every try eating it?
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  10. Does someone have an enraged zombie farm, or is that just a regular momentus fight? :p
  11. Does shiny flesh not give you regen 2 and mining fatigue 3 when eaten?
  12. Yeah, I just noticed that. I know what I'll be using in the next mob arena or whenever Dystopia comes out. :p
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  13. Your signature. Is there another Sky?
  14. skythekidrs is what it is referring to :p
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  15. Thank god :D
  16. Currently you just use it like rotten flesh, breeding dogs, don`t know that it needs more than that.
  17. Take a few stacks around and it's better then regen II potions, and stacks to 64.
  18. Shiny Flesh works great in Mob Arena. The Regeneration IV buff is extremely useful. And the negative buffs, Mining Fatigue and Hunger, don't matter when fighting mobs. You just have to make sure that your hunger bar is not full in order to use it (since Shiny Flesh is a food)!
  19. *ultra-bump*
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  20. Dang, that's a huge waste. You should use it in Mob Arena or sell it to other people. :)