Giant Statue of Aikar

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Should I build a giant Aikar?

Go for it! 53 vote(s) 89.8%
Nope 10 vote(s) 16.9%
Maybe... 12 vote(s) 20.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey,
    I was thinking about building a giant wool statue of everyone's favorite admin, Aikar. Should I do it? Remember to check the picture of the one I made in single player ;)

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  2. It's cool! Especially with the smooth sandstone for skin color.
    Where will you build it?
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  3. I'm buying gold membership soon. I'll find a new res and build it there :p
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  4. You should make it hollow, so we can walk in it :D
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  5. Ya, plus it would save time :p
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  6. Make the aikar themepark with an aikar at every corner!
  7. Make sure you get the measurements right the first time.. They're a huge pain in the butt to fix after you've done most of it.
  8. This sounds awesome can't wait to see it finished
  9. Aikar won't be happy to see this... Oh well.

    Looks great :D
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  10. Hopefully he's not mad about it...
  11. He is what? Yea, lets hope.
  12. put a shop inside :p
  13. Maybe I should get his permission first... I'll ask another admin to tell him about it, so I get get Aikar's permission. :)
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  14. *can get
    Sorry, auto-correct hates me :mad:
  15. If this were me, I wouldn't care that somebody had built a statue of me. I would receive it as a pleasant surprise ^_^
  16. My guess is that Aikar wouldn't mind. I honestly don't know many people who would be against having a statue of them in their honor. It never hurts to ask though. Just be sure that if you do decide to put something in it, it doesn't make fun of him.
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  17. I was joking xD
  18. I got Aikar's permission :D
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  19. That awkward moment IF you finish your statue and notice Aikar changes his skin....
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