Giant Living Villager Chest :P

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  1. Ok so i decided to make a storage for myself since im VERY disorganized! I said to myself that iw ould build a giant chest, since that would look cool! When I finished i just started laughing randomly out loud to myself as i thought something XD. Then I added a villager face to the giant chest lol. Then I got Zion_Moyer to look at it! Now everytime i look at it I laugh :p Just wanted to tell you what I built and a background "story" of how i came up with it!

    If you want to see it then go to /v Little_Pixel_Pig

    And if you know how to get a screenshot onto here plz comment it! :/
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  3. Thx for getting that up for people to see :)

    I have screenshots of it, but wasnt sure how to get it on
  4. I like it. Clever idea. Made me laugh.
  5. At least it's not my mess of chests on one of 12 residences on smp7.

    Let's say that I need to work on them soon.
  6. Quite interesting
  7. A giant chest full of chests, is always the best :p
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  8. Ask, and you shall receive ;)

    Well, sometimes anyway. Just click the link, I hope that guide can help you to figure out how to use images in your own posts.

    And nice build you made there, I'll be sure to check it for myself soonish. Thanks for sharing!
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  9. Heres a screenie for you:

    LOL! It looks so derpy. :p
  10. made me have a smile for the whole day, thanks!
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  11. Im glad you liked it :3
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