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  1. res #14858

    This isn't fake. There is nothing under the pressure plate that could be causing this phenomenon

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  2. Invisible staff member
  3. I guess, hax or glitch...NO NO HAX! xD
  4. Vanished staff have been known to screw with people before
  5. you can't jump that quickly on a pressure plate + it only does that when julie stands there
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  6. Letz bet on which staff probably did it
    10k on Max! XD
  7. Who said they were jumping? They could have been walking forwards and backwards constantly.
  8. it wasn't someone moving back and forth because if it was they would've picked up the dropped items

    however, i've killed the ghost
  9. you can't walk that quickly back and forth + it only does it when julie stands at a certain spot

    UPDATE: it randomly stopped
    EDIT: The ghost came back
  10. That had to be the most deniable fact I have heard.
    Yes you can walk back and forth that fast.
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  11. Weird...
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  12. you can't activate a pressure plate that quickly from walking back and forth
    EDIT: you can't walk that fast back and forth in a repeated pattern because it's hard to do + a person can't do this for like 20 mins without messing up
  13. if you stand on the plate and hold space, it dies that same thing
    someone was just invisible doing it
  14. the ceiling is too low to do that. the pressure plate remains down if you try
  15. they could of had a full inventory
  16. This is just wierd
  17. Maxarias is really bored today methinks
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