Ghast Hunting

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If you could explane your Ghast Hunting style what would it be?

Bow and arrow style! 41 vote(s) 85.4%
Deflection connection! 16 vote(s) 33.3%
Fishing for little white jellys! 7 vote(s) 14.6%
Fight fire with fire! 6 vote(s) 12.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. This is the official Ghast Hunting Thread. If you have ever came face to face with a Ghast you know how dangerous they can be. So this Thread will contain helpful advice for junior hunters to hopefully help defeat them.
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  2. add run away typing "aaaaaaaaa"
  3. Most of the time their someone else with me. What we do is one person has the bow and arrow and other acts like a decoy when their is numerous ghast spawning :)
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  4. I am just running away, sometimes they are close enough to taste my sword, other I am scaring them with my face and running away
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  5. I hit them with my Power VI Punch III and Infinity I...
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  6. I can't trek the nether without an infinity bow and an arrow.
  7. Lol!
  8. It is quite amazing how quick you guys found this forum.
  9. Were very active on here, Unlike most servers.
  10. Bow an Arrow - If i have this :p
    Fire with Fire - If i do not have a Bow an Arrow
    Running away and thinking FUUU - If i hate Ghasts or If i have Lag
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  11. My strategy usually has a friend but i mostly stay in my base with a ghast proof area and shoot. When a ghast shoots i duck back behind a wall and let it explode.
  12. Three words L O L!
  13. Full diamond armor with blast or fire protection enchantments on as many as possible. Fire protection potion in first hand inventory. Bow power I and a stack of arrows. I have better than a stack of tears from bringing them down, usually with just 2 shots, But even an experienced ghast hunter knows when to run away. Two is my limit, three just gets crazy, and even one is very dangerous if you have any lag. I also usually take a moment to snuff any burning netherack in the general area i am fighting in.
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  14. Here is what happens. *shoots* *ghast shoots* *boom* *repeat*
  15. I have had to fight 5 off at once! I have no limit.
  16. Some say im crazy some say im awesome at fighting ghasts. Either way i never give up until i am burning in the lava!
  17. Currently i only have a couple stacks of arrows a power I bow an almost gone iron chest plate and some half used diamond boots.
  18. This is my ghast face.:eek:
  19. if I see a ghast, I stop, drop and roll. quite literally, actually. I stop what I'm doing, I drop into the lava and roll around in my grave. done.
    luckily I never bring anything more than one of my many iron pickaxes, some melon and an iron chest plate with me, to be sort if safe...

    @joshposh70 NOO DIAMOND NO MORE?!?!?!?!?!?!
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  20. Also, I never use bows and arrows, because I am no katniss everdeen. I haven't got the courage to fight a ghast with my sword. They just spit fireballs at me... no fair! it's meant to be a non PVP server... /report ghast gast peeveepeed mee wenz I waz in zeh nezzah.