Getting kinda tired of these ads

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Frodomann1, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Well this says it all :/ I am getting a little tired of ads like these appearing on the site
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  2. Well, im saying this is for sure, but from what i have heard, the ads that appear are linked to what you search/visit. I usually only get newegg ads, because im on newegg a ton.
  3. I have not once visited a dating site or anything like it.
  4. Yeah... It's either what you search our you have a adware on your computer which is bad.
  5. Could be adware... I will look into that.
  6. Then it is probably what he said:p
  7. Try using an anti virus to scan your computer. I hope you have a good anti virus
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  8. They help fund the site and they're not exactly eyesores.
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  9. I too hate ads, why does emc even need them
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  10. A while back the community voted for them, and like AusQB said, they help fund the site
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  11. it helps emc and its not that bothersome i barley even notice them, now stop complaining.
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  12. wut ads? Even if you haven't provided them with anything to go on, they have to at least throw a random ad up. I rarely pay attention myself.
  13. Adblock. Install chrome, and use it. It even removes ads for youtube.
    Edit: I have not gotten an ad since installing it. Also, I can post a link if you'd like. :)
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  14. Link please :D
  15. Ads? ADS? Where art thou ads? i have not seen ads for months, other than what I receive in the mail.

    1. Your bookmarks bar is cluttered
    2. No theme for chrome?
    3. AD Blocker
    4. ???
    5. Cake
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  16. I keep my stuff simple
  17. Firefox, ad-ons, adblockplus. Problem solved!
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  18. No kidding, these ads are killing me.
  19. Not sure if sarcasm or real. I sometimes forget we have ads, they're so out of the way, haha.