Getting back into the Empire?

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  1. Hello there, EMC! As you might have noticed, I'm not very active here anymore. I love this server, but I remember how much fun EMC was in April 2012, when I joined. Get a res! Build a house! Build a slightly successful shop! As I get closer and closer to a year on this server, I feel like I've done most of what is fun and easy on EMC. So what do you do when you get bored of the Empire?

    P.S. My attention span is not very long, so huge buildings are out of the question. Thanks in advance!
  2. I tear down my farms, and build new ones.
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  3. Go on the forums :p
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  4. Usually, when I'm bored, I lay back with a nice Iced Tea in my hand and gracefully laugh at the humorously pitiful Town chat as I munch down on "Peoplerbad" munchies. Plus, going on a Skype call to laugh at them. Pure entertainment. (I recommend smp8 Town, half of them are 10, so it's fun to relax in the misery of others! :D)
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  5. i eat soooo much food. then i burn the calories by sitting(actually works!).
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  6. First of all, Welcome back! As for an answer to your question, there are many things to do. You can use the /v random command to see other peoples residences, and some of the creations the people have built on them. Chat on smp1 and smp2 is always alive and entertaining, so try participating in that. Are you interested in joining a wild outpost? Because many of those are always looking for new members, plus you don't have to build much, but still get to be part of a magnificent creations!
  7. sounds a lot like an advertisement. i would do what neon said.
  8. Make a list of literally everything that you didn't achieve last time, and do it this time around. :)
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  9. You can help build the MT base ;)
  10. Explore dat wild.
  11. MT Base?
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  12. Mercury Team