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  1. One thing that has constantly confused the community has been how to raise and maintain their voting streak...

    While the previous system worked exactly as intended, it still confused many.

    Therefor, Voting Streak will no longer represent days but be more so an overall scale of how much you have voted for EMC.

    The following changes have been made to voting:
    • You now have 36 hours to vote in order to increase your streak! (Previously 26 hours)
    • You can now increase your streak every 16 hours (Previously 23 hours)
    • You now get 3 days before losing from your streak
    • Penalty for missing 3 days is 1 per day missed. So if you have 133, miss 4 days, you will drop to 129. (Previous penalty was 2 days + 2 days for every day missed, major reduction to penalty)
    • Diamonds are awarded every 2 streaks instead of every 3
    • Emeralds are awarded every 3 streaks instead of every 5
    • Mentioned in misc thread, but relevant: Name will automatically be in the correct casing on Voters armor now.
    For anyone who wants to see the updated code:

    These changes should make it so that anyone putting any serious effort into voting will have absolutely no issues improving their streak.

    Happy voting everyone!
  2. OMG YES!!! I have a chance now!
  3. Sweet! Although laziness may get the best of me still :p

    The 1st 2nd!
  4. To be honest, I am somewhat concerned over the 36 hour part. I understand possibly 30 hours, but 36 hours seems like TOO much slack. Especially considering you can vote on Topg, every 12 hours.
  5. You can vote on TopG every 12 hours? this is news to me
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  6. Nice!! thx Aikar
  7. Every days or every streak bonus increases ?. Because I'm thinking its the latter.

    Anyway, BIG THX :) Time to turn voting NOS on :p
  8. You're right... Gotta get use to no longer saying days.
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  9. Good, I'm happy with this.
    Seeing as how everyone's schedule cannot be the same everyday, this helps for those people who have inconsistent life schedules.
    Thank you Aikar.
  10. You should edit "First" :p

    Nice work Aikar
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  11. Thanks, so I won't lose as many days, when I mess up sometimes, and its great that u added to 36 hours. I'm trying hard to keep up my voting streak. The perks are fantastic!
  12. Woohoo! Just in time for my vacation. I was concerned about traveling and that messing up my streak. BTW, still hoping for new voting gear for 200 plus days. :)
  13. We will come up with new rewards for super high streaks as soon as we can :) Good thing is, you can still get them even if your past the streak they are added to!
  14. Epic! This will help tons of people, myself included.
    I could not find the thread you referred to, so sorry if my question was answered in there.(link anyone?)

    What happens for those of us who already got the armor?

    For the voters armor I noticed if you put it in a frame, you could not tell whether it was player renamed, or 'legit' armor. Is this what the 'fix' is for?
  15. So I'm not seeing this. Right now it says my streak is at 26 days. It won't update to 27 days until 24 hours has passed. According to this thread it would seem that it would update after 16 hours and also that it wouldn't say "days" anymore. Is that right?
  16. When you get a voting streak are the items automatically sent to you? Because if diamonds are rewarded with a voting streak of 2 then I should have got them yesterday.
  17. Yay! This sounds great!
  18. thanks you Aikar i can finally get my streak past 3
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  19. Hm. Leather at 100, Gold at 200, Chain at 300, Iron at 400, and Diamond at 500?
    (Ranking them by total armor value, if the "Unbreakable" value is on all sets).
  20. Very nice. Thank you