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    Come get your very own statue made! Phalanx12 is building a shop that will be HELD
    up by statues of supporting(donating) players. Each statue costs roughly 6k to build so donations exceeding 7k will be taken as the official donators, supporters... LITERALLY holding up the new shop.

    Come visit the shop on SMP7 and see the awesome statues already built. Phalanx12 is looking for 3 more statues to build. You can donate with /pay Phalanx12. There is also a donation hopper on the res. All donations are appreciated but remember, only 3 statues left to build.

  2. I would love a statue of me!
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  3. Paid my 13K (6K to build and 7K as a donation) to phalanx12.
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  4. Could you also do it as a service I really want a statue but at my residence?
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  5. I like the idea, I may contact you in private, but I do have a question first: what happens to the statues once they are finished? I can see how it looks cool to have your statue on a residence, but as long as it is someone elses residence there is no guarantee that your statue will remain there ;)

    What the heck anyway, it's weekend and I need to do something crazy. But it's going to be a little crazier than you think, please see PM.
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  6. Thank you ShyguytheGamer1, could you possibly send me a link to your skin? That is the easiest way for me to build the statues. And to Zikko, I will start making statues on other peoples plots once my store is up and running.
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  7. Hm sounds like a good idea.I'll support to this cause ^-^
    Lemme find where I put my pc XD

    Edit- used my alt (QuilladinAddict7)
  8. If it's just a donation, please let me know! Also if it's a donation to get a statue please let me know because I'm only down to 2 open spots. Shyguy has secured the third one and ShelLuser is working on one too. I also got a donation from QuilladinAddict7 and I'm not sure if they want a statue or not. So please specify if it's just a donation or not.
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  9. ShelLuser has taken one of the last 2 spots. 1 spot remains!
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  10. Sure I'll take a statue :)
  11. I'd like a statue of me haha. Would it be built on my residence or another one? I can't get on right now though. Ccould you send me a pm here on the forums of when/if it can be built and i'll pay! :)

    Edit just saw haha yeah if there is any room left i'll still take one hhaha xD
  12. Chespinlover77, Since I got a donation from QuilladinAddict7 first, i have asked them if they would like the last spot because they were first with their donation. But if it is just a donation and the last spot remains open, I will post it on here. Donations will still be accepted and much appreciated after all the spots are taken up! And i may do something like building a statue of you on your res or something for those of the donators that don't get to be made at my store!
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  13. Tis Chespinlover77 Is my alt :p

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  14. Haha okay, please send me a link to your skin and I'll get started on that ASAP! Thanks
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  15. Will do. ^-^
  16. All spots for statues are now full, any donations know will be just accepted as donations! At least until a later date when I can build a statue on your res. Thanks.
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  17. I see a Kat on the right :p
  18. You weren't on when we took the picture :-/
  19. Gawadrolt I would love to see my statue. You come over to my second res :p I want it close to that

    I will donate 11k that is added cost of statue :)
  20. Clarification: Phalanx12 is building the statues and as far as I know all the statues(12 total I believe) Have been put up. Phalanx12 has hinted at being able to do more statues after he is done building his shop, the one held up by the statues. He is still taking donations though the statues are done, I think.

    Edit: I am too busy with this to be building statues: