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  1. Hello, my name is Jake
    my IGN is Jake303Craft I live in smp1 and I'm looking for people to introduce themselves to me. Even though I have been on empire for a long time now nearly 750 days... I would like to get to know more people because I know barely anyone.

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  2. Nice to meet you! I'm Calamochnus, a new SMP8er. :) How are you? What's your favorite part of Minecraft (building, mining, apples, farming, etc.)?
    I look forward to getting to know you. :)
  3. Hi! :) I'm hardly active in game, so if you want to get to know me, you'll need to visit the fora more often ;)
  4. Hello, Calamochnus, I am very well thank you. My favourite part about Minecraft is either Building or completing other people's challenges. (parkour etc)
  5. Hi Jake! My IGN is Luckypat. Ive been on Empire Minecraft for 1037 days, and my home server is SMP3 :)
  6. Hello, Luckypat, I think I have seen you at the smp1 event held by Faithcaster.
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  7. Well, hello there Jake303Craft! Nice to meet ya!
    Forums are a great place to get to know people! (I met a load of people on the forums as for awhile back when I started, I was a bit of a hermit on my 'home' SMP.... thanks to all the players who helped me break out of my shell and feel very comfortable traveling the various smps!)
    I am often on smp7, however pop around to see how everyone is doing!
    I live in the USA (Illinois), and usually am around after work, and weekends! (When I am not tearing apart cars and busting rusted bolts <-- yes, this is my fun in life that keeps me productive)

    So, when you see me in game, or if I see you, you will have to show me some of your builds, or just chill!
    Nice to meet you, hope to see you around in game!

    P.S. if you have some fun screenshots you would like to share, check out the random screenshot thread!
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  8. Hi Jake, I'm Alice!
    If you drop me a message, I'd be more then happy to talk to you!
    I live in England, where it's currently raining everywhere :p
    I'm an artist and active roleplayer n.n
    Do you draw or anything, just curious
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  9. I can draw but I choose not to, I'm not sure why though. I'm from England too and yeah boy its raining.
  10. Just to let anybody know...
    I'm going to be building a mega mall and I will be accepting any donations. Any amount will help.
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  11. Drawing can get you pretty well known here, a good way to get rupees as well if you want to take commissions :p
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  12. Hey Jake!

    You know me anyways but hey, may as well. I live in England and yes, it's raining right now. It was fine a week ago, sun and clear skies as far as they eye could see. Good job, England.

    Anyways, do you still need that access chest at my residence on SMP9? May as well bring that up! :p
  13. Hey there!

    I got a little bit of a chance to know you at Faithcaster's parkour event. You sir, are a master at parkour. Congrats on winning the 200k grand prize! I had so much fun stalking you :p

    Feel free to shoot me a pm anytime if you want to talk. I also enjoy getting to know people :).
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  14. how'd you come up with the 303 in your name?
    oh and im ian but you can call me unknown. i just lurk around in the forums and go in game for a couple minutes every couple of days to make rupees that i then blow on auctions.