Get these damn dogs off the Outposts!

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  1. At least 1/2 the wastelands or Wilderness outposts have dogs that have been abandoned. So I suggest something could help with the issue
    1. Dogs teleport with their owner.
    2. Dogs dissappear into oblivion when their owner has not been in the wild/waste for, let's say, 3 days.
    3. Dogs teleport to their owners residence, if the owner has no residence then the dog gets "unclaimed"
    4. Ditto with cats
    Sorry about this suggestion but always hearing dog noises is VERY annoying.
  2. I enjoy the first suggestion.
    Getting rid of them is a bit harsh.
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  3. Keep the cats.
  4. Kill em all
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  5. or maybe if they stay abandoned for too long they turn into netherhounds!
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  7. OR
    they get teleported to IcecreamCows Torture Chamber
  8. Ditto with Horses.
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  9. Just kill them. They are annoying sitting there.
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  10. I believe they have a 15 day thing or something
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  11. Well, for dogs abandoned in wild/waste, I think they should be voided/killed in two days if the owner hasn't done anything with them (making them sit up, attack, hunt,) Though, dogs can't teleport around with you all the time. If you want your dog to sit down, and then after moving away for a little, they teleport to you suddenly, that'd be quite annoying.
  12. How about a lost dogs home(dog pound)? :p
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  13. Yeah, I noticed this. Do you mean they should teleport with players when exiting the wild?
  14. If he didn't, then that is an awesome idea! This really needs to be implemented!
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  15. Hey my doggies love you. Don't hate!
    Yes, I wish I could bring them home with me, however they will not warp home with me :-(
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  16. You just push them out of the away or ignore them :p easy
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