Get Rid Of The New Sound Im PM

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Sambish, Nov 9, 2013.


Would You Like A Option To Turn The Sound Off?

Yes 42 vote(s) 70.0%
No 18 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. Hi,

    Recently I have been getting so annoyed by the new sound chat makes when someone sends you a PM. As I don't think it's fair to remove it as some people may like it. I think that you should add a command to turn the sound off. Or at least change the sound!

  2. I accidentally voted No before reading the "option to turn off" bit :p I don't see it hurting anyone, but I do love the new sound.
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  3. Nver juge a bok bi it'z covr.

    Oh and I thought there was one but apparantly not, I love the sound due to the fact that I am a forum person and I cannot respond to peoples pms that much. But this is a good idea for people like you.
  4. Oh my gosh I love the sound! Each time I hear it I have a little burst of happiness.
  5. :D I just wish there was a option to disable it
  6. How to turn it off,
    1. Press the ESC key on your keyboard
    2. Click options
    3. Drag the music or sounds bar to 0
    4. Profit?
  7. But I like the sound of stuff. All I'm saying here is the option to turn the sound off. That's not much to ask.
  8. Who likes the minecraft music? It gives me ear aches, thank goodness there add new music *spoiler*
  9. Not the music! Other sounds
  10. Personally, I like non-ringing tones ... bells and anything that shrills stay in my head for a very long time ... and additionally, I also recall things i'm told or hear for a very long time... so I like things that don't sound so auditorily agnosic. Perhaps a very short chime using a harsichord? Like this?
  11. Someone said, (I believe it was Alrx) that the sound is the XP sound. Not sure if is the orb sound, or the 5 level increment sound, but you can always go delete the sound if it bothers you too much. I don't exactly know where to find it, but YouTube/Google would be your friend.
  12. A simple toggle option would be nice.
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  13. This sound makes me hate pixie fairy's now :(

    Please turn it off before the race of fairy's die of hatred
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  14. I like the MC music, It's calming while building. I'm warming up to the new pm sound also :D
  15. Most Men: "please kill it with fire. It impairs our manliness"
    Most Ladies: "please keep it."
    Clocks Named Olaf: " PM'S make a sound? What sorcery is this?!"
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  16. I like it. You are offending my manliness. :p
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  17. Sometimes the sound is great, sometimes it isn't... I do agree that it would be handy to be able to toggle it on or off ;)
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  18. /toggleannoyingxppmalertthingwhichisawesomeatthesametimecuzlol true/false
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  19. I like the sound, because im often cruising the forums or other things and cant get to PM's fast.
  20. If you create a resource pack you can go into Random in the sound file of your resource pack and change the Orb (I believe that is the sound it makes) sound to what ever you want. Then it will play that sound when you are PM'ed