Get an EASY 1,000 Rupee Bonus To Use In Game!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by GameKribJEREMY, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Hey everybody. Looking for an easy 1,000 rupees for our in game store? Simply become a member of and post a short intro about yourself in our Introduce Yourself Thread. As we finish working on our system that links our website to our in game server, I'll be awarding the rupees manually as I'm able to get on. In the future, we'll have a more automated system so that they are awarded automatically. This is just one example of some of the awesome benefits you'll get for being a member of our website community so stay tuned and visit us often! :)

    PS - Those who already did this before this post will be awarded the rupees as well as soon as I'm able to get on! Thanks for your patience.
  2. This offer is no longer valid, from now on players get the 1,000 rupee bonus automatic when joining the site.
  3. Can i just have an extra 1000 lol jk
  4. what is that photo u got there jeremy? It looks like a display of the items ingame? How can we get something like that in out shops?
  5. Oh, this was the old store plugin that we used. It's not in the game anymore though as it's original owner stopped upgrading it. :(

    It was nice looking too.
  6. yea oh well... Yay sorry about before in the rage about not being able to join... i love ur serever and im happy to say i am now a supporter ;)
  7. It's cool man. We all go through odd things like that now and then. Thanks for the support. :)
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  8. I used my 1,000 up already:D
  9. I heard about the 1000r a few days ago, and I never got them...
  10. Read the first post...
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