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  1. One of our biggest challenges when expanding and opening more servers is teaching new players about the Empire. Over the past couple months we have been tweaking the new user tutorial to try and get people to use the Empire Guide. However many of them just guess every answer until completing it, and still have no idea how the Empire works, thus asking a million questions.

    We decided to squeeze the new players funnel a little. From now on new players will have to register on the website before they are allowed to connect to an Empire Minecraft server and start the tutorial (screenshot). After they register on the site they are given details on how to get through the tutorial, using the guide (screenshot).

    This also means new players will not get the 1,000 rupee bonus for registering on the website. Instead they will get 1,500 during the tutorial (used to be 500 + 1000 for registering). These new rules do not effect anyone current players (even if you have not registered on the website).

    Hopefully this helps a little when we open the new server tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone and happy mining!
  2. I think its a great idea now I wont have to tell people to go to "" any more, I memorized it.! -_-
  3. +1

    'Nuff said.


    Does this mean the Empire is 13+ now? Since that is what it seems like this means..
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  4. Yeah it will also make more room for people that actually want to be engaged in the community, not too lazy to read lol.
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  5. Oh my god smp 4 !!!!!!!!
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  6. I think they should be booted if they get 3 consecutive guesses wrong and a ban for 1 hour to read the guide. That would force them to read it and get the questions right or move them on. They're not hard if you read the guide. I did and I didn't miss a single question on the tutorial when I went thru it. The tutorial has all the information posted on signs right in front of you as you go thru it so they take the time to read the signs they'll know where to go in the guide too...

    Also, my son GohanZWAR never went thru the newb tutorial and thusly didn't get his bonus rupees for doing it. Can you toss him the 500 he missed? He even didn't get the starting tools set, i had to hook him up with some basic starting gear because he had no idea how to farm for stuff at the time. (i've since taught him how to survive in the wild so there's no need for the tools...)
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  7. I would be happy to give him his 500r. It is a bug if you become a supporter before ever joining a server lol. I think I have since fixed it.
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  8. But if you strangle the funnel too much, few will want to join the Empire. :[
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  9. I think the quality of players will increase making the need for you green folks less...which means more game time for you right?
  10. Last night on smp2 was awefull 3 people were hurling swears at each other
  11. Agreed 100%, quality over quantity.
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  12. Yes i signed him up on the site, then paid his account. That would explain it...thanks. I've taught him all the important rules anyway:

    1) Don't talk in game at all...
    2) If you must speak, refer to number 1 for guidelines on what to say.
    3) Give me all your rupees and i'll buy whatever you REALLY need
    4) Don't ask me to buy stuff for you.
    6) Go to the wild and find your own stuff.
    7) No there is no #5.
    8) Yes you just looked for number 5.
    10) There's really only 9 rules.
    11) Aren't there 10 commandments in empire minecraft? How come we have 11 listed?
  13. They were banned for 3 days. FYI.
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  14. This could be a solution though it might slow growth, maybe you shouldn't allow them to claim a lot unless they have registered, therefore they don't take spaces fro people who have
  15. I would like to remind everyone that /ignore is very power full and /ch off or /ch leave g is even more power full ;)
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  16. Yeah we will see what happens, if we feel growth was slowed too much then we can adjust accordingly :)
  17. this sounds like a great idea!
  18. Justin quoted me my life is complete now ......
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  19. does his butt smell since you're kissing it so hard? ;)
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  20. This should be added to the tutorial as a bonus stage.
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