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  1. The Frontier is an excellent source for your cravings of a legit survival play-style but players need to understand what they can and can't do in the wild. Note that some of these are tips, some guidelines and some official rules. For basic rules that you should follow when in the Wild and any other world, visit the Empire Guide.

    Finding buildings
    A building can be anything; from a mine-shaft that has non-natural blocks in it to an amazing castle.

    Modifying these in any way shape or form can earn you a ban. This includes and is not limited to breaking out of tunnel if you are lost without replacing the lost items.

    It is common courtesy to ask the creator of the building before settling near the location, however it's not strictly a rule. It is best for both parties if the person stumbling upon the area keep travelling.

    No matter how minor the damage, you can still be punished.

    Creating travel routes
    If you find a players base do not make any form of quick travel to it without consent from the original settler. By doing so you could be up for a punishment if it's griefed. Call it "accessory to griefing" if you will.

    Note that the guidelines from the previous header also apply to this.

    Discovering / using another player's mob grinder or farm
    Upon finding a player's grinder or farm it is polite to ask the owner permission to use it. Look for a locked chest or anything with a name and proceed to PM the person on the forums or if they are online, in game. If you can't find a locked chest, leave a sign with your full in-game name so they can get into contact with you.

    Modifying it in any way can earn you a ban if the owner disproves. This includes and is not limited to placing a chest to store your stuff and changing the way the grinder works - even if you think it’ll make it better - and/or changing the structure in any way, shape or form.

    It is okay to use any grinder you find in the wild as it is public domain, but again it is considered polite to ask the creator. Upon using the grinder - if consent is given or not - if the creator wishes to use the grinder you - the visitor - must allow them to do so.

    Sale of locations
    When selling wild locations you're buying the coordinates, not the rights to locations therefore a lot of things can go wrong. Also remember that you can only sell freshly discovered locations that you found. See this thread for specific rules.

    Damage you might have caused and fixing it
    If you're exploring someone else's creation and a creeper blows up around it because of you or you accidentally break a few blocks you are required to fix it for them.

    Repair the damage to the best of your ability with the correct materials. Someone took the time to build this. So take the time to fix it properly.

    If you were unable to fix something complicated, leave a sign with your name so they can contact you.

    Sharing locations with others
    Don’t! You may have been honest enough follow this guide but that doesn't mean others will. You don’t want to be responsible for harm being done.

    Burning areas in the wilds
    Burning and setting fire to areas such as forests any closer than 3000 blocks from a spawn is considered griefing. It's also considered griefing when doing so near another player's construction.

    Other tips
    • When harvesting wood, if you take the bottom blocks of wood from a tree, take all of them.
    • After chopping down a tree, replant a few of the saplings you gathered.
    • If you build a column of blocks to access a high place, remove it when you are done if possible (don’t worry about it too much in the nether if it’s too dangerous).
    Original guide by Deathtomb8953
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  3. Great Guide, by a great guy =p
  4. Could I build like a metro to new towns? Like I would build the metro, then I will have exits to different town plots, towns that haven't been built yet? If it doesn't make sense, msg me.
  5. You said Sharing locations with others twice, different text for each. I think the second one is wrong...
  6. Add in that attempting to obstruct players using a barrier outside of the Periodic Reset Area is considered griefing.
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  7. And if that barrier just happened to be made of lava... It would still be considered griefing
  8. Yes. :(
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  9. I'm not sure about the fires 3000 blocks from spawn but I do know that fires near creations could lead to buildings burning down and this is griefing.
  10. Both actions under the (fixed) header are punishable with a ban or long temp ban. :)
  11. Glad so many like this guide
  12. Why can you not set fire 3000 blocks or closer to spawn? (Please dont answer like this-You will get a ban-)
  13. And this is why alex is a mod :p
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  14. Im not sure why its greifing... :(
  15. because they dont want entire biomes burned to the ground near spawn. Setting fire to anything within 300 blocks on fire to watch it burn is not needed. the only things that should be set on fire are thing that will be part of any build.

    example: lighting a nether rack feature on fire.
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