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  1. I'm starting my GCSE examinations in May 2016 (and finish in June, when I'll have like, 11 weeks off and will have to start preparing for college or Sixth Form, whichever I decide to do). That may seem like an extremely long way away, but I know it will have been and gone in no time at all. I want to prepared and be as ready for any surprises as possible :p

    So, for those of you that can help me: how can I get through my GCSEs and get the highest grades I can and survive? :p

    Extra information: I'm crap at English reading examinations. The way they say things is almost always the complete opposite of what they mean, or something else entirely there's no way I could have expected it. I'm great at writing coursework (3/4 of the coursework pieces I did throughout Year 10, I got B grades in) and could probably get an A if I wasn't restricted by a word limit.

    I also have discalculia, so I'm extremely bad at maths. I fail to retain even some of the most basic things you get taught in Primary School, and no matter how hard I try, it does not stick in my head. I only recently got an F grade in the last test I did, and that's because quite a few of the questions were related to a topic I'm good at.

    I'm also entitled to an extra 20 minutes of exam time in my English, R.E, etc. due to the slow pace I write with my hand at (why I'm not able to use a computer like other people is beyond me), and in Maths due to the whole special educational need thing.

    My school also got a new headteacher in January, who has completely shook things up. He has implemented a bunch of school rules that nobody likes (forcing us to wear unbranded black bags, getting rid of jumpers in senior years (which doesn't apply to me since I leave this year :p), etc.), including a one week timetable. My Year 10 timetable revolved around the two week model heavily. Week 1 on Thursday and Friday was Chemistry, Week 2 on those days was biology. I complete my Spanish NVQ in November, and will have the timetable slot filled up with another lesson. I don't know how any of this will plan out until I come back to school.

    So yeah... advice away :p

    And for you US people who might want to help: 5 GCSE C Grades, according to gsgi.co.uk, is roughly worth a High School Diploma.

    I'll be bumping this whenever I think I need help until the exam period is here.

    On that note, /endOP.
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  2. do extra homework =P
  3. Why didn't you just message me on Skype? Been there, done that!

    Mainly just do the work and revise. It's boring as hell, but GCSE's are the stepping stones to getting into a good Sixth Form/College.
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  4. Lol, you do make me laugh ahaha
  5. Oh yeah, coming from you? :p
  6. That whole quote just tickles me
  7. major necro wabduhsdjb
    You have no idea kiddo lol
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  8. Yeah i am in the same boat, i am preparing for my exams which start may 16th.
    Best of Luck to you! :p
  9. My advice might be really bad for you, so perhaps I shouldn't even start :p
  10. Basically as we are in england anything we do is POINTLESS the goverment dont do anything to help its people my fellow brits we should UPRISE against Dodgy dave REGIME OF EVILNESS
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  11. Mine started on Tuesday. Next one is on the 16th :p

    Good luck to you too!
    I have this kind of sorted in my head right now. I started revision way too late, but better that than never, right?
    erm wot

    I'm all for kicking David Cameron out of power (just hold a general election right now and Jeremy Corbyn would win - it's been a year since David was re-elected but his unrestrained power seems to have made people think twice lol) but getting qualifications isn't exactly pointless. It's not up to the government for a college or apprenticeship to accept me into their program so I can get more. England is also pretty much the only place in the UK you can apply your skills so... yeah. Lol.

    Moving out here ASAP anyway.
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  12. I have 11 GCSE's and my best advice would be time management. You have now 11 days until your exams start. Use it wisely. Spread out revision and test yourself. Make sure you do loads of Past Papers which will improve your exam technique. I am doing A-Levels atm and my first exam is Monday which is ICT and I am feeling confident.
  13. Jeremy Corbyns campaign was basically just er i like trains so lets do trains so trains are trainy and i do trains yay
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  14. It was making Labour Socialist again, rather than 'Tory-lite' Tony Blair created in the 1990s that Labour was until 2015. That includes bringing back Clause 23 - nationalising the train service. His leadership campaign was the best one next to Andy Burnham's (whose campaign was 'I like football, the UK needs a PM who likes football!') - Liz Kendall's was absolutely irrelevant lol.
  15. to be fair all British politicians are idiots -I should start my own political party
  16. Then you'd fit right in.... Wait nevermind :p (please don't take that personally, I just couldn't resist posting it because I thought it was quite funny :p)
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  17. Yeah, the way he phrased it was just too perfect to not take advantage of it :rolleyes:
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  18. hey, at least you don't have Donald Trump running for office there
  19. that was the intention actually lol
  20. David Cameron is probably worse. David won't take refugees in, he'll gladly give arms to Saudi Arabia and give them a seat on the human rights council of the United Nations, he'll make budget cuts that cause the disabled to kill themselves because they have no way to support themselves and feel no remorse over it, and he'll gladly insult the people of his own country and wants to be the next Margaret Thatcher (who nobody loves in the North lol, we celebrated when she died). Him and his entire family are also tax evaders - from what I can tell, Donald didn't have any dirt on him in the Panama Papers, right?

    George Osborne, our Chancellor and likely the next leader of the Conservatives when David retires in at most 4 years, is also addicted to cocaine and his budget policies are absolute crap lol