Gawa's 20 questions round 4-Playing catch up-

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  1. I have something that you have to guess and you have 20 questions to figure out what it is. It could be either a person, a place or a thing.

    I will answer only one question at a time as your question might be completely irrelevant after the previous question is answered. The questions cannot be open ended and must be able to be answered with yes or no. If it is a yes or no question but the answer would be obscure or incorrect I will tell you that I cannot answer it with a yes or no and that question will not count against the 20. Which is almost like a freebie and I don't like handing things out for free :-P

    after question 15 you can begin to guess what the item is but you miss out on more questions if you guess what the item is. If this is too soon I may limit it to the last 3 responses instead of the last 5 so that questions are not wasted on silly gueses that are obviously wrong. Also, if someone guesses say a duck but earlier it was ruled out that the thing is not alive then that question will not be counted.

    I'm going to supply a couple of pointers. Figuring out if the answer is a person, place or thing, alive, really big, made of a common material or if it moves can be very helpful.

    Unless someone wants to offer prizes on my behalf there will be no more cash prizes for winning. I will include all winners in subsequent posts though.

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    Good luck EMC.

    First question?
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  2. Is it a object?
  3. Yes, it is a object.

    Reminder, this round only, make a suggestion for the renamed item that the winner will receive as a trophy for winning and receive 500r for making a suggestion.

    Second question?
  4. Is it made to move?
    Maybe a 'I guessed it in under 21!' diamond
  5. Yes, it is made to move.

    Sent you 500r for the suggestion.

    Third question?
  6. It is a object that is made to move.

    Third question?
  7. Is it made to move for outdoor purposes?
  8. Yes, it is made to move for outdoor purposes.

    Fourth question?
  9. Is it man-made?
  10. is it something to do with Nature?
    Let me Guess? a (bush)
  11. I call a grill!

    But if it isn't that I will ask does it deal with lawn care?
  12. Yes, it is man made.

    Fifth question?
  13. Is it's primary use transport?
  14. Yes, its primary use is transport.

    Sixth question?
  15. Does it have modern day technology?
  16. I cant answer that with a yes or no.

    Sixth question?
  17. Is it made for flying?
  18. No, it is not made for flying.

    Seventh question?
  19. Is it made for use on roads?
  20. Yes, it is made for use on roads.

    Eighth question?