Gawa's 20 Questions Round 2

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  1. Welcome back EMC, I see you didn't have enough punishment. I kid, I kid. Hopefully we learned a couple of things in the last round about what kind of questions help narrow down the answer best. Don't get too comfortable though because the next "Person, place or thing" is going to be 100% completely unrelated... I think. SO! Who wants to start the round with...

    First question?

    For rules and guidelines and to see the first round please refer to:

    Good luck EMC, if last round was any indicator you will need it. Ok, ok I will stop with the taunting. Time to play.
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  2. Is it a living thing?
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  3. Yes, it is a living thing.

    *announcer voice* and steamboatwillie makes a mad dash off the starting line.

    Second question?
  4. Is the living thing a human ?
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  5. Yes, it is a human.

    Third question?
  6. Is the human currently alive?
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  7. Yes, it is alive today.

    only 8 billion-ish people to rule out and we got plenty of questions to go :D

    Fourth question?
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  8. male?
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  9. Yes, it is male.

    Fifth question?
  10. Is he world renowned ?
  11. Yes, it is "world renowned"

    Sixth question?

  12. Why is it always it is? <--------- (Statement)

    Is he a musician?
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  13. Yes, it is a musician.

    It is it for reasons

    Seventh question?
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  14. I almost feel like your referencing a persons influence as being alive rather than the individual.

    How are you defining alive?
  15. Living, breathing, moving around.... like I think most would define alive in the context of that question? Not dead yet.

    Still on seventh question
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  16. Does this musician play in a band?
  17. The way that question is phrased I can't answer it with a yes or a no.

    Seventh question?