Gathering Shop Info

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  1. I am trying to gather some information on existing shops that will make finding a shop easier. My goal is to create an searchable database that is user friendly and kept up to date. If you would like to add your shop to my list please visit this link ----> Ahksel's List
  2. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster throughout reading this XD
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  3. Yay finally another one! I find azoundria's one outdated and false, so it would be great to actually have one that's good! I'll definitely add my mall when it's completed :)
  4. Yes this one is excellent of course, but I am trying for a more detailed search.
  5. I wasn't to sure which shop type to select; I have sometimes jokingly referred to my shop as a specialty mall. The way mall is defined on the form I couldn't really pick one of those and I carry more then one category of item so I'm not strictly a specialty shop anymore so I picked other. I am curious to see how your database pans out.