Garden of Cancer Survivors

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  1. This is a great garden you started!
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  2. I am keeping this updated and checking on it so this thread is still relevant
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  3. This thread is up to date and i want to apologize for my absence please feel free to send a book and quil to me in game with the info on it of the date diagnosed and name of the person as well as the type of cancer and i can get to it
  4. I'm pretty sure that I speak on behalf of more players when I say: "Don't worry about it". Quantity doesn't make quality, and I think it's awesome to see that after two whole years after you started you're still active and ... also important: are still driven to maintain your residence and keep things up to date. That can be taxing after a while, I have some experience in that field myself.

    Don't worry about frequency, the fact you're still doing this is more than enough.

    I'm not going into (too) many details but one of my parents has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Their age also doesn't help and the whole situation is pretty taxing on the whole family. Still... in times like these it's good to get reminded about the fact that people still manage to escape from this mess and the nastiness and find ways to overcome all of that crap.

    Leading up to... I won't be donating books, but I will be donating something else because I think it's awesome what you're doing. Please note: no strings attached, just a donation and that's it.
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  5. I cant thank you enough it means a lot that someone is trying to show appreciation im 21 going on 22 and myself have battled and overcome stage four brain cancer i wanted to make a way for even players on here to show respects for the ones they love. If you would like i can give that person a spot in the garden if you would like.
  6. Just to let everyone know I keep checking on this thread regularly even if i havent been online in a while. You can alway PM me or leave a post on here if you have questions, comments, or concerns about the garden. Please be respectful if you visit it. 99% was buil in buildmode but please dont find something that isnt and take advantage of it.
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  7. I would like to bump this thread as its one of the only ways i get emails about the garden and can add people to it. I recently visited it and it means a lot to me what people have done to it. I apologize for the long time ive been away. Map Location
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  8. MaxPkjj do you have a memorial garden?
  9. Good to see you around again Max!

    TBird Max mad a memorial garden several years ago, its connected to the pubhub on 6 /wild e through the nether portal on spawn.
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  10. this is the thread for said Garden.
  11. You as well i apologize for my absence life has been hectic but I will be back to maintaining the garden at the least.
  12. Dont stress it. You had other things going on and thats understandable, glad youre back!

    If you need help don't hesitate to ask! :)