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  1. I have been having severe problems with lag and frames per second in minecraft, cs:go, and other mass multiplayer games. I have tried software that supposedly "reduce lag and increase frames" and I know they do not actually work, so DO NOT SUGGEST THAT! I also tried removing games and apps I never use, and I even went as far as doing launch options and using .bat files to make the frames work.

    On Minecraft, I have optifine, for both 1.9.4 and 1.10.2, and I do use shaders, but recently it has been giving me...problems...so I decided not to use it.

    CS:GO I got no idea what is going on there.

    Recently I have downloaded CS 1.0 Beta and Official, and Brutal Half-Life, along with some aesthetic mods for minecraft, those being...uh...mob dismemberment, mob amputations, and realistic pain...yeah.

    I have no idea what has been going on with this. I currently have 110 of 237 GB of my solid state left, and 1.43 of 1.87 TB left on my hard drive.

    I need your help guys.
  2. I'm on a crap computer right now so I have to get creative with stuff to get usable FPS.

    Something you could try is <CTRL><ALT><DEL> and open Task Manager. Go to the Services tab, find wuauserv(Windows Update), right click and Disable.

    This does prevent windows updates from running until you restart your computer or something turns this service back on but I found that this resulted in more usability boost than I expected based on memory usage.

    Also check to see if you have any kind of update hanging(ie Java, Browser, Anti-Virus, ect). I've always noticed an unaccounted for slowing of any system that has updates that are downloaded but uninstalled.
  3. Okie so what are your computer specifications?
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  4. not much be done without this
  5. ok lets begin :p trouble shooting list,
    are you games updated
    do u have anything running
    are u rendering raw video files
    are your drivers up to date
    what temps are your processor getting to when u play these games ?
    what is your cooling ?

    Edit does it lag without the mods
  6. Everything here is yes. Except. Cooling and temperature, those I cannot find.
  7. found your problem it will lag when your computer renders the video files
  8. No to that as well
  9. Wot are you saying

    Are you rendering videos while trying to do something that is laggy?
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  10. No!
  11. Okay good.

    At what percentage is the CPU load while not gaming? (check this via task manager)
  12. Between 6 and 55
  13. 55?! :eek: That is WAYY too high. Can you show us the (whole if Win 7, the top (from most intensive) if Win 8/10) processes tab? Something is not right there if it's using 55% while idling, I have practically the same CPU (but much higher clocked), and generally have 0 or 1% usage in idle.
  14. Now it is between 4 and 8...
  15. only online games are slow?
  16. Yeah, singleplayer games are fine.

    Now that I can, my CPU Usage without gaming and only having task manager and a browser open, and closing out gamejolt, it is now using 1-2 percent of CPU. AND to add onto this, this morning CS:GO wasn't lagging as bad, so it was playable!
  17. Is it bad now? Try an internet peedtest.