GameKribJEREMY retires from EMC...

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  1. Hey everyone,

    It's been a good fun run as GameKribJEREMY, on EMC but it's time for GKJ to say goodbye. Things are changing and to make things easier all around for things, this change is a must. As most of you know, Justin and I founded GameKrib together before we founded EMC. We met on a game called Team Fortress 2 and proceeded to form an awesome friendship and business relationship. With the popularity of EMC growing as fast as it has been growing, we promoted others to Admin our old GameKrib community as we don't have much (any) time for it anymore. In a way, we've passed that on to some dedicated members of that community and they're doing great. With that said, it's time for GameKribJEREMY to go down with it.

    Coincidentally...IcecreamCow is being promoted to the newest member of our Admin team. ;)

  2. As a guy who knows what's going on, I see what you did there.

  3. lol, i'll never tell.
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  4. I hope to do my best to make everyone proud. :D
  5. i am sure you will do great ICC, I have a feeling your admin style will acclimate seamlessly.
  6. Purple doesn't suit you. I was used to you having a minty name color, and associating that with mint ice cream. I do not support this.
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  7. Just think of it as raspberry ripple :)
  8. IT ISN'T THE SAME. :(
  9. Will this turn into an inception?
  10. You shall get used to it young one.....

    Shouldn't you be more worried about trollKribJEREMY being white texted?
  11. I never will.

    Also, IcecreamCow, you have the second least forum posts of all EMC staff.
    change that.
  12. WARNING! Post above contains orange text!

    I only saw it because of quote
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  13. Icecreamcow has always aspired for greater things, good things come to those who wait. :p
    I'm glad GameKrib will prevail, handed down to the dedicated members to watch over and nourish, I suppose it only fitting the name passes with the responsibility. :)
  14. I will miss you (If you leave that is :p) but why don't you keep the job but just let Icecreamcow do the work :3?
  15. No idea
  16. They have conflicting personalities, and really don't work well together. That's why IcecreamCow has been a Senior Staff member up to now.
  17. ah
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  18. I feel like I'm missing something here...