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  1. creeper hug me
  2. Long ago, in 1943, I walked down the street. Through the dark, it was snowing, so I sheltered myself in the dark, petrified woods. Within the walls of a dark, big red eyed, but very kind creatures mouth, I danced the Watussie in blue leotards, and then suddenly, a creeper hugged me...

    Keep it going, the story is turning out quite comical already >:D
  3. and then BOOM
  4. green guts everywhere
  5. i fell down
  6. a hole that
  7. a creeper that
  8. spawned into existance
  9. went drinking with
  10. brother. They later
  11. "Creeper stole my
  12. blazes nice rods"
  13. Things". They later
  14. Fortress of death
  15. (NOT PART OF IT) This is fun...