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  1. Well, while most wait for Minecraft to fix their stoof, let us enjoy the downtime with a game.

    GAME Title: Story
    How it works: When the story begins, it will start with (3) words. It will continue each post. But each post can only contain 3 words. This allows the story to go anywhere.
    Rules: No back-to-back posts. Each post can only contain (3) words.

    Lets begin....

    Long ago, in........
  2. 1943 i walked
  3. Down the street
  4. through the dark
  5. it was snowing
  6. so i sheltered
  7. myself in the
  8. dark, petrified woods
  9. within the walls
  10. big red eyes
  11. but very kind
  12. were their gaze
  13. smelling like methane
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  14. Long ago, in 1943, I walked down the street. Through the dark, it was snowing, so I sheltered myself in the dark, petrified woods. Within the walls of a dark, big red eyed, but very kind....

    That is it so far.

    creatures mouth, I...
  15. danced the watussie
  16. Affs... Fail moar faust? D:
  17. Hey, I though this was a fun thread, let's keep rollin'

    There once was...
  18. in blue leotards
  19. and then suddenly