[GAME] Trivia (riddles too!) EARN RUPEES!!!

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    The Rules For This Forum Game Are As Follows:

    In the comments below, I will post a trivia question and/or a riddle. The first one to solve the question/riddle correctly will earn a rupee prize varied by how hard the question riddle was (usually 50r - 2K).

    Once someone posts the correct answer, I will put up a new question and pay the winner the amount of rupees shown (will be listed along with the question). Some of the questions might be "personal" like, "What Is My (Stnywitness's) favorite food?"

    You are allowed to look up the answer for both the questions and riddles (but some of the riddles are by yours truly, so good luck with that ;)). You just have to be the first one to answer it correctly!

    Payment and putting a new question up may be delayed (sometimes up to a couple weeks, so be patient). :)

    You can also PM me if you have some of your own riddles you'd like to be posted! :D (give answer also when you give me suggestions) But if it is a question/riddle you submitted and it gets put in the game, you cannot reply to the question/riddle, because that wouldn't be fair. ;) :)

    Here is what the question/riddle would look like:

    Stnywitness said: Congrats <insert name>, you guessed <insert previous question/riddle here> correctly! I will pay you <insert amount of rupees earned here> as soon as I can! Here is the next question (or riddle): <insert question/riddle here> Good luck! First one to guess it correctly wins <insert amount of rupees here>!

    Have any other questions let me know! :D

    If you would like, you can raise the reward for the next question. All you have to do is say how much you would like to add to the next question (pay me of course), then the next person who guesses the next question correctly (it can be yourself!) will earn the amount you added, plus my original amount for the question! You do not have to do this, just optional. I'm sure it'd add a little more excitement to the game. You could add 1r, or a million! It doesn't matter!

    We are gonna start this thread off with a hard one:

    First Question (A Riddle Actually):
    The More You Take, The More You Leave Behind. What Am I?
    (the answer is not any type of food or liquid)

    First One To Post Answer First Will Earn 2,000 Rupees!
    (you can guess multiple times, but I will not say "Not it" for every single one) :)
  2. Photograph?
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  3. Footsteps!
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  4. Bingo! Will pay you your 2000 rupees within 3 hours - 2 days.

    Second Question:
    What do I (Stnywitness) want to be when I grow up?

    First One To Post Answer First Will Earn 250 Rupees!
  5. Author/Writer/Painter/Athlete/Actor/Adventurer
  6. LOL. Yeah. The first one was right XD Your 250r will be mailed sometime soon! :D (in addition to your 2K lol)

    I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body but I come alive with wind. What am I?
    First One To Post Answer First Will Earn 100 Rupees!
  7. haha I won't answer this one
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  8. Did u know the answer, lol?
  9. trees

    p.s. you do know you can select all three answers in the poll right?
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  10. Yup! I know :)
    trees wasn't correct by the way :)
    Good guess!
  11. Yeah I know exactly what this is
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  12. You're like a trivia question/riddle genius lol.
    Its up to you :) If you wanna say it thats fine, or if you want other people to have a chance, thats fine too :) :D
  13. An
    an echo???
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  14. Bingo!
    Will mail 100 rupees to you as soon as I can. :)

    Guess The Punchline (NEW):
    What did the buffalo say to his son before he left for work?

    First One To Post Answer First Will Earn 200 Rupees!
  15. bison
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  16. I think your right
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  17. Nice! Will mail the 200r (along with the other payment later).
    Need to think of more riddles and questions for ya'll to solve! Will post some later! :)