[GAME] 2048

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chickeneer, May 26, 2014.

  1. So... yes I know there has already been a thread about the game, but I REALLY enjoy playing it. Got a new high score today - Here is a screenshot from my phone of the end-game screen.

  2. Hmmm, I'll try it
  3. Wow I thought my score of 16k was good.... xDD
  4. image.jpg
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  6. I accidentally moved mine back and fourth, and filled it :(
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  7. Wow nice! My highest is 37k
  8. whats this??
  9. 2048 is a game where you combine numbers together (double upon each other) - with the goal of getting the number 2048. One you figure out how to beat it, of course - you play for High Score :)
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  10. what kinds of phones is this on?
  11. I may or may not have hacked this game and made my high score 999999999999999999991
  12. i really need to get it and start playing :D
  13. I have it on an android phone, but I believe it is out on basically all of them. There is also online versions (where I first played it - the original thread had a link for that)
  14. Max score regular game: 49k
    Max score with infinite undos: 582k (still counting)
  15. can you get this on samsung ?
  16. wish I had an undo button...
  17. Yes :)
  18. i will need to download it :D