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  1. So I'm just a little confused on what will be happening to utopia access once the new supporter updates are applied. Let me give you a situation, i am a diamond member now and have interest in claiming a residence on utopia server, but plan on canceling my supportership once the updates roll out. Will i still be able to visit my residence or will utopia become strictly supporter only? If someone who knows about this could please explain me that would be fantastic :)
  2. Something something something Grandfather Clause.

    Something something something you can go on Utopia I think.
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  3. yes we will still be able to access our plots dont worry too much over it :) we will be grandfathered when it comes to that
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  4. Actually there will be no grandfather things, everyone will simply have access to Utopia but the player cap will be low so supporter will be recommend even more to retain guaranteed access
  5. i stand corrected XD
  6. I am confused about utopia wild and using the vault from utopia. Will non subscribers be able to do these things?
  7. yes. it will no longer be a "supporter only" server, but free players might have more trouble getting online, encouraging them to become a supporter to play w/o delay.
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  8. Just a guess, but I think so. The problem is that the player count is so low that you would likely get kicked pretty quickly unless you are a supporter.
    Edit: ninjd by Aikar.
  9. not kicked. We never kick an online player, but it might take you 10 mins to get online.

    Anyone who played early 2012 likely felt the wrath of full servers.... Trust me: there was a lot of supporters back then.
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  10. But... I have never seen anymore than 15 people on Utopia at once :p
    I want this to happen again. I miss the feeling of trying to log in for 2 hours straight because there 100 players online at a time :p
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  11. Will the EnderTopia still be around?
  12. Well, with the plans I have for utopia... lets just say it's likely going to happen again.

    Plus, add in all free players now having access to 120's... its desire will go up.
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  13. This is only for Utopia though, not all the other smps.
    Correct me if I am mistaken, but all the other SMPs will function as they are today (or so the plan goes).
    Utopia will be opened up to FREE players where previously free never had access.
  14. So as things stand it will be possible to vault stuff from Utopia to other servers?
  15. hmm this is going to suck 1 of the best things i find about utopia wild is the lack of grief coz every player has payed for i in some way
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  16. Have faith. Griefers have been in Utopia before, and im sure they will always be an issue.
    Supposedly there will be a 'minimum' player time limit before being granted access to Utopia.
    I hope this gets implemented properly because it would be so easy for someone to sign up, not play for a few months, and then hop back on and get access. Hopefully the minimum time requirements stems from 'actively play' time and not 'joined date', but this all has yet to happen.

    I am sure that Aikar has some tools and tricks up his sleeves to accomplish weeding out the griefers/theives.
  17. I already knew that :p
  18. And who will have access to /endertopia ?
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  19. I hope there still is a seperate wild / waste on Utopia for supporters only as well as a waste / wild for no supporters as well haha, so there can still be peace :p
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  20. I hear that there are plans of walls of lava to block access... (kidding)
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