Future EMC needs your Help. SMP10-30 + I am Actually From the Future.

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Will you Join The Force?

I will. 81 vote(s) 75.7%
I am a Low Fat Sherbet Pig (Exterminate Me) 34 vote(s) 31.8%
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  1. Hello. Greetings I am IamSaj. I am from the future in the year 2552. EMC is the #1 Minecraft server and they have over 200 moderators. JustinGuy and IcecreamCow are still here, and they are on alot now. EMC has added a bunch of new features and servers, as well as custom plugins and commands, as well as that, they have expanded ways too build and buy stuff from other players. All other Minecraft servers are inferior too EMC and due to the amount of traffic on EMC, due to it going mainstream in 2013, JustinGuy and ICC were forced too add a whitelist. Though the dark days of EMC were near. A group of hackers dubbed "Low Fat Sherbet Pigs" hacked into the EMC network database and destroyed most creations. Since technology is now more advanced, people have built cities and neighboorhoods and for most, they live in EMC using NEURAL TECHNOLOGY that lets them teleport inside the game and experience it in first person. They have been destroyed and now there are daily hunting patrols by the Low Fat Sherbet Pigs minions and there have been massive bombings. But EMC is strong. The oldest members of the community and the mods and admins banded together the lone militia rebel group called the "Ice Cream Cows". We are still at war, and we need your help, I only have a little bit of a time left to publish this, as we might be ambushed. I will put this thread in the past, using our IceCreamThreadDatabaseTeleportation Device, hopefully it gets through. Too help the war against the Low Fat Sherbet Pigs, all you need to do is:
    1. Make an Achievement in the Achievement Generator and put it in your signature. Make sure it says something along the lines of Destroy the Low Fat Sherbet Pigs! Or Save the Future EMC! Or Member of Rebel Group: Ice Cream Cows. Anyway can help.
    2. Join the fight. Log in to smp10.empire.us - smp30.empire.us (10-30 is were the main war is at.) The Sherbet Pigs are getting closer to the original SMP's, SMP1-9. We have to protect the Inner Colonies and SMP1. We must fight. Tonight, EMC,
    We Go to War.
  2. Lol yes.
  3. I am unable to put it in my sig, I don't want to change anything... But I do have a tactical warhead at my disposal.... My engineers need to finish my ToastCo. Stealth Coated Forward Warhead Transmitter.
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  4. Exterminate me.
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  5. No, you're under 18, so I can't even if I wanted too.
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  6. You can.Wanna know how? You go back to 2 years from now and exterminate me when I get 18 years of age.
  7. ToastCo. Stealth Coated Forward Warhead Transmitter complete. Testing warhead transmission. Warhead transferred. Awaiting response on ToastCo. Photon Time Communication Scanner.
    Preparing ToastCo. Stealth Coated Forward Squad Transmitter for transmission
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  8. *Chooses I will*
  9. Hmm... Would a gangster help the ice cream cows?
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  10. The ToastCo. Question Awnserer says yes, yes he would.
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  11. Woot! I'm in!
  12. I don't know what is going on for sure...but every militia needs a hillbilly. ;)
    I'm in.
  13. You have received a: POTATO as a reward.
  14. I dont buy the future thing i just want to kill pigs lol!
  15. Why are Multiple Votes allowed. :confused: Lol

    Why not, This sounds pretty Awesome-Make sure you link The Achievement to this Thread!
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  16. Now we just need ICC to join:
    @IceCreamCow calling you out man!
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  17. This actually sounds interesting, lol. Imaginative ;)
  18. Is this a joke?