Future Drop Party !! {June 7th}

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  1. Helllo everyone :)

    do you like drop parties? Did you enjoy my last drop party? do you just like watching diamonds fall from the sky?
    Well you are in luck because im hosting another one !!!!!

    Day: June 7th
    Time: 4pm EMC TIME (1pm for california time aka me the best)
    Place: Smp6 @ 12181,approved by Dramanya.

    Please help us by donating to: SMP8 @ 17249, we will take any donations possible from dirt to diamonds to promos :D !!

    Thank you and i hope to see you there !!
  2. Just going to leave a . here so I can "watch" the thread: .
  3. That's on my birthday
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  4. I hope to see you there then :D
  5. Wanted to give a BUMP to remind everyone that donations are still open,we need to fill 15 DC's
  6. Awesome, i should be able to come :)
  7. Cant Wait!!!
  8. Aw, accepting dirt? :p
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  9. x,x just not 10 dcs of it
  10. Just wanted to do a Bump to remind you guys that it is in a week and i only have 4 out of the 15 dc's ready,Could really use donations to make sure its running !!
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  12. my birthday too :D
    gonna try really hard to make it :p
  13. If you would both like you donate some stuff Wed gladly sing happy birthday while you are there :p
  14. Dropped my stuff off yesterday qk! Hope theres enough there.
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  15. thank you ! :D everything helps i wanna make sure we get stuff that people love
  16. Um, huh? Was this supposed to be in this thread?
  17. ........................This is what happens when i get no sleep XD I put the game of thrones stuff in the drop party forum !!
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  18. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this drop party :( I will be doing other things (irl). Sorry :( but I hope everyone who can go has a blast!
  19. Just a bump reminder that it is tomorrow and you can still donate if you want too