[fun] community dark room for mob fighting

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  1. SMP4 wild, center spawn, walk West 250 approx blocks. Follow cobble road North about 50 blocks. Signs have been set up, but if you get to the ocean bridge, you have gone too far.
    With the help of many members we have completed initial construction of a community dark room. This is simply be a large flat area underground where mobs can spawn constantly. Players can go alone or in groups to fight mobs for fun and profit.

    The area is not deep underground and is easy to find. There are no working parts so the construction is reasonably resistant to grief. The entire floor is made of obsidian. This solves the major problem of creeper holes in other builds of this type. Other elements of the project will be a small farm, a locker room for locked chests and equipment storage, a locked beacon set to restore health, an area for beds with names of owners. Enchantment and Repair center, and more as ideas and needs arise.

    It is a lot of fun to fight mobs in a controlled setup! The lights are always out, except for some redstone torches on the outer walls. Use caution when entering because mobs spawn continuously and can include prettymuch anything but cave spiders.

    Please repair any holes or damage to walls, but it's not a big deal. Please also do not make any changes or additions to the existing setup without requesting here first.

    This post has been updated to reflect the current details of the project.
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  2. Working on this project today if anyone wants to help.
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  3. Great idea. Do not envy maintaining a project like this. :)

    Make sure you have spares of all blocks in a maintenance chest (inc obsidian). :p
  4. I will probably try this out. If you like I could donate some night vision potions
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  5. It is kind of sad that griefers will even go as far as to grief this.
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  6. Sounds like a cool idea. Maybe have a door with mobs spawning on the other side. When the door opens then the flood of monsters is released.
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  7. You could turn this into a full battle arena thing..

    I can help you design that.... To collect mobs, you'd need two funnels from another darkroom somewhere, or spawner. Could also introduce snow and iron golems. :)
    Hook up a dispenser with various armors and weapons for the zombies.
  8. jkrmnj said:
    Sounds like a cool idea. Maybe have a door with mobs spawning on the other side. When the door opens then the flood of monsters is released.
    While I agree that it would be a fantastic idea to have the flood of monsters and I have enough experience to make the machinery, it's not the idea for this project. Until the dragon eggs and wild land claiming is possible, I won't do such a complex build. If I did, it would need to be so far from spawn that no one would ever find it. Hopefully someday soon it could be possible.

    Until then, simple is best. Already have a huge amound of obsidian cast for the floors and lots of covered area. Another day or so and we will be shutting off the lights in the main hall and only lighting the expansion and service areas. Thanks for your input and interest, and hopefully you will find this as a useful design, even though I agree that your suggestions would make it cooler, but not maintainable.

    Still looking for people to help or anyone who would like to see or eventually use this public area.
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  9. There will be some light in the entire area, so I don't think night vision will be required, but it might be useful. Thanks for the offer and come check it out.
  10. Afternoon bump. Making rapid progress on this project for anyone who is wondering. Must be 20 stacks of obsidian down already and 10 more ready to go. Still many things to do, but the spawner will be working this weekend. (or sooner) Need people to build all the other things that a public outpost needs.

    Please check this out, it will be a lot of fun and you will meet cool people.
  11. This Sounds Awsome! If There Is Anyway I Can Help, Just Give Me A Buzz.
  12. WE finished the floor today!
  13. What exactly do you need a farm for btw?
    Just food? get a mooshroom.

    How about an iron farm to make spare armor and weapons?
  14. I Think That Would Be Great, Than New-Comers Will Have Be Able To Play Without Sacrificing There Materials
  15. The problem is that mushroom stew takes up so much inventory space
  16. It's impossible to maintain such a complex build so close to spawn. That is why people hide them and build them very far away. It would be great, but like so many other ideas, impractical:(

    I personally like carrots, but stew is fine or bread. All it needs to be is a well lighted room with a few rows of dirt and a chest for simple farming tools, nothing fancy. In the past, someone always killed our mooshroom, so I stopped using them in public farms, but nothing against them.

    If we can convince a mod to encase the iron blocks with bedrock, I will donate the necessary iron and permanently lock a beacon on location. Healing and speed maybe.

    There is lots of room for making things more 'pretty'. There are also a lot of unlit places below and around the killing floor that need to be corrected.

    It's been a crazy couple of days, but a lot of good players jumped in to help on short notice. Thanks to every one of you!
  17. Just planted a ton of trees around the area. Please replant trees after chopping.

    I also added a little escape room in the back to jump in water or hide behind some reeds. It's gonna get blown up sooner or later, but I wanted to try it.

    There is easily about 20 people involved or at least using this place already. Check it out and bring a friend.

    I have also updated the very first post of this thread to reflect the current state of things.