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Did you know ALL of these commands?

Yes 9 vote(s) 52.9%
No 8 vote(s) 47.1%
  1. Hey everyone. Here is a list you may or may not have known about commands on emc! Some of them are funny actually. There was a thread like this back then created by Matheox. If you know any more commands that aren't super obvious, tell me.

    /admins - like /staff
    /afk - like /away
    /as - assistant
    //calculate [Math equation] - too lazy to do math? Well, use this command. :p
    /c clear - clear chat
    /chat who - who can hear you in chat
    /compass - acts like a compass incase F3 is broken ;)
    /createshopmode - click on the sign with an item and you wont buy/sell anything(I think)
    /direction - direction duh
    /dnd - do not disturb command
    /entc - entity count for farms, etc
    /fnether - tp to nether
    /gr - Tigers? Nah. You can look it up ;)
    /itemhistory - tells if item in hand has been repaired
    /iteminfo - tells item number and name
    /list - all the players in chat that can hear you
    /myvouches - vouches you gave and received for frontier
    /nick - no nicknames allowed :p
    /newplayer - shows all new players that are online within 30 days
    /note [add/clear] - add notes to yourself
    /ping - ping!
    /res unstuck - stuck in a res? press this.
    /stage - jk no one can go there ;)
    /train - help info
    /tps - group teleport
    /vault name [Page Number] [New Name] - Renames a page of your Vault :O
    /whisper ??? lol I think its another version of /tell

    If you know any more or have questions, please ask. :)
  2. Thank you for posting these ^_^ when I first joined EMC I didn't know any commands at all. Only thing I got sorta right was /w or /whisper to a staff member so I could learn what to do and how to talk in town :p

    Oh also new command for /pay
    /pay kytula 1000 or /pay kytula 1k
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  3. Nice going, I'll definitely try to add to this in the future. But for now:

    Alias for /gtp (Group teleport). Aikar added this to automatically point (new) players who are used to the /tpa command to the Groups feature.

    So instead of "no /tpa here?" we now often see "how do I make a group?" :)


    I should learn how to read :D

    /tps is used to check the lag on the server ;)
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  4. /whisper is a command? O-o
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  5. well /whisper is a command in most mmo's and EMC uses /w
    lol I guess I did word it as, either or, instead of /w stands for /whisper
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  6. I object to that description there
  7. Shh take your build team magic elsewhere nub.
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