Frontier Tp Problem

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  1. I have a problem with tps! I can't be teleported anywhere! If I write /frontier or /waste or /tutorial it says that I must use that commands only in a Town! I'm in the waste world and I can't leave it! Please I'm new and I must discover the server yet! Can someone help me?
  2. I can change smp but I lose my stuff...
  3. You need to go back to the town portal thing...the giant white place that you spawned on when you did /waste....go in game and do /map and then click the link.
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  4. Also, when you switch SMP's you don't "lose stuff" you just don't bring it with you.

    When you are in town, use /vault to bring items from on SMP to another.
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  5. oh thanks
  6. I used /vault in Town's smp but there is nothing... I can't open vault in smp5 (wasteland)
  7. You have to take the stuff from the wasteland to town with you on smp5, then open your vault in town and place it in.
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  8. wait. Are you from smp5?
  9. yes, I have a lot of stuff in smp5, but I can't do /vault and If I change smp my inventory is empty!
  10. First you must get back to town as they have been saying. When you are in town THEN you can vault. I hope that clears it up.
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  11. 1999Filo, if you need help just come back online and do /map show and I'll come find you and lead you back

    or just click on the Live Map for the SMP you're on and you can find your own way back
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  12. You can't TP in the waste or the wild (frontier) unless you are at an outpost/spawn location. You can only use your vault in town or at an outpost/spawn. You can switch servers/smps from any location.

    You can use /map to see where you are in relation to an outpost (type /map and click the link while you are in the waste), and guide yourself to it. If you need help using the live map, let us know. It confused me too at first :) Heck, I'm still figuring some of it out.

    Alternately, you can use F3, write down your coords, stick your stuff in a hidden chest at those coordinates, and just kill yourself to get back to spawn. Then you can go back out for your stuff and leave a trail of "breadcrumbs" to find your way back to the outpost.

    If you are really freaked out and frustrated, someone I'd hope would come get you out there. Are you out in the waste on smp5? I can't come get you from 5 or 7 (I'm too far out in the wild on both those servers). If you're on any of the servers in the waste, hit me up. I'll come lead you back in to the spawn. I have extreme sympathy for anyone lost. Because I spend a ton of my time getting "un-lost" LOL. Of course, following me is like the blind leading the blind, but I find my way eventually haha :)
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  13. The fastest way back from the wasteland is often to die. You'd lose anything you're carrying but it gets you back quickly.

    edit: derp, missed that this thread was already old
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