Frontier project need materials or funding? Look here.

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  1. Are you a dedicated member of EMC who loves to build but struggles with materials and funding? Do you settle for cobble when you'd rather use glass, clay or ores? I'd like to partner with you to make your idea a reality!

    What I'm interested in:
    • Medium to large projects located in the frontier. This can be measured by size or time. Basically, if it's a small project you probably don't need me.
    • Artistic, homestead living or stylish twists on common builds.
    • Builders that are committed to finishing their projects.
    • Established outposts and builds that are intended to one day be shared. (Either after frontier protection makes visitation safe, or via screenshots.)
    • not - AFK farms, grinders and the like.
    • not - Builds that are expensive for no good reason (other than diamonds are shiny).
    • not - New players, inactive players, players who frequently abandon builds.

    What I offer:
    • Free materials!
    • Transport and delivery.
    • Funding of contract services, such as a red stone consultant or additional build helpers.
    • Tools, armor, and potions for dangerous terrain.
    • not - build help. I'm slow and not very artistic. I can help in other ways.
    How it might work:
    Send me a PM with some rough notes about yourself, your outpost and a description of your project. For material needs, give me an idea of the what, the how much, and the when. I don't need outpost coordinates or all the secrets in the first message. Just some confidence that project won't be abandoned and that the materials won't be sold. If it looks like I can help we'll figure out the details in the conversation.

    Why am I doing this?
    There are some really talented builders on EMC. I'm not one of them. There are some really creative builds on EMC. I can't create them. The best way I can contribute to EMC is by helping these projects and removing barriers for others.
  2. I love it! I may enlist your help in a large project of mine. ;)

    Would a wither skeleton farm be an acceptable project?
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  3. Sent you a pm so we can discuss. :)

    My goal is to help make cool things. Less about helping others make rupees with giant afk farms. Maybe your idea for a wither skeleton farm fits both.
  4. bump to raise awareness
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  5. Really cool of you! Let me know if I can help out as well :)
  6. I've got awesome ideas but i'm no builder either. When i get better at creating what i'd like to build at my outpost through SP. I'd definitely would like to enlist your services.