[Frontier] Player Build Nullification

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  1. I am building an outpost on an island, but there is a build with 4 owners approx. 2930 blocks from the planned build site. 1 owner is 90 days derelict; 2 are about 40 days and another goes derelict in 8 days. I was informed from another moderator to ask a senior staff member. Is there any way to nullify that build after a certain amount of days have past after the build is abandoned?
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  2. Well, I'm not Staff, but here's what I have to say regarding your question.

    First, since you said you're "building an outpost," instead of saying "I have an outpost I built awhile ago and now I'd like to establish it, but..." I would say that you should have looked at the requirements prior to starting your outpost. I doubt that your claim will be established without trying to at least contact the player who is not yet derelict (or waiting until he actually is derelict).

    But this is interesting. It would be nice if the thread on Establishing Outposts specified whether or not all members of any established or visible community within the boundaries of the new Outpost must be Active.

    My personal opinion would be:

    1. That as long as all players who have built in the area are Inactive, and if there is not an Established Outpost, you should be able to establish your Outpost.

    2. If there is an Established Outpost, the Outpost should be respected even if the members are Inactive. In that case you should cease any further building within the boundaries of that Outpost, either contact them and wait for a reply with approval to build nearby, or find another site.
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  3. I will attempt to contact the owners on the website, but i have looked into the requirements for having an established outpost. I originally built a storage facility 1800 blocks or so away, but then i saw the building. I am moving to the other side of their base and it is about 2900 blocks away, so if i am not allowed to build there, i can move a few islands over and it will be outside the 3000 block requirement.
  4. Correction:
    Based on the below referenced thread, All builds are protected.

    Please see:

    This confirms my initial suspicion that Frontier builds are not dismissed simply on the basis of the Player being inactive. I think you are best advised to move the "Center" of your outpost to conform with the regulations.

    I'm not sure where you are on SMP (Left unsaid, in case you don't want prying eyes to search) you are. This might mean making an island large enough to place a locked chest that conforms to the requirements for an Outpost, to allow you to build in your present location, or might decide you are better off suited by moving to another location.
  5. We have started building our castle as a port and BoA. If we add an addition to the east wall, and have the locked chest there, i think it will conform to the regulations.